Tim Hortons Warren PAentire restaurant

My friend and I made the hour trek to the closest tim hortons. I myself have been a fan since I was little having experienced tim's in canada when visiting family. Upon our arrival... There was garabge everywhere! Empty water bottles on tables, some one spilled a bag of sugar on the floor, etc. There we're maybe 6 different types of donuts available, and even then only at most 3 of each kind. I wanted a ham and swiss with chili, I was informed they were out of bread, out of english muffins and almost out of chili. There was no other soup made. 3 muffins, no cookies and very little prepackaged coffee! I have never walked into a timmys that was out of almost everything and totally unprepared for being open the next 3 hours! Its was 730 pm when we arrived! We decided to leave and travel another 30 miles to jamestown new york. I frequent the warren, pa location often.. But after today no more! I'm embarrassed to say the I regularly send people there who, have never had tims before... Not any more I will send them to a different location!!! Whoever owns this establishment should be ashamed and embarrassed!!!

Jun 03, 2018

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