Tim Hortonsunethical employee

I am a regular customer of Tim Hortons, located at Garibaldi Way, Squamish, BC. One of the attendants name Mabel Bondad was rude and unprofessional. She brings her personal problem to work. I have enough of this lady, she’s a liar. I did not make any scene. She was the one who made a scene after I left the store. This has happened many times before. The last time was on May 3rd between 1:30-2pm. She walks away when she sees me next in line to order, and let the customers wait for the next available cashier….. It seems like No one ever told her or discipline her about this. So she keeps doing it again and again. Now, I’m addressing this to the owner of this store. This behavior is not acceptable. Leave the drama at home and don’t bring it to work!

May 05, 2017

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