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Date - repeatedly spread out over the past 6 months.

Description - I order a L regular every morning, and at least 50% of those mornings over the past 6 months i have thrown my coffee out because it is essentially a large cup of warm milk and sugar. It is not even drinkable most mornings. I used to order a bagel double toasted and lightly buttered also, until i got so fed up with the bagel being completely saturated in butter and soggy to the point that i couldn't even eat it.
Why is it that Tim Horton's cannot figure this out??? I know there are procedures and applications in place to regulate the dosage distributed into each cup and the sizer of that cup, so why is it that 5 of every 10 coffees i order are somewhat drinkable?? Why is it that a bagel cannot be toasted properly without applying a mountain of butter on it?? $10 of every $20 i spend there could literally just be thrown away and i would be better off, months and months of this along with buying a bagel, such a waste of my Tim and money going to Tim Hortons.
Has Tim Hortons become so big that they cant even care for the satisfaction of their customers anymore??

Hope you get it sorted out because i know i am not the only person who has experienced this time and time again.


Unsatisfied Customer

May 30, 2018

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