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Tim Hortons / poor service poor poor

1 LUNDY LANE Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada Review updated:

After purchasing a chicken salad sandwich on a white bun and a tea black with the bag in this is what i actually recieved a toasted chicken, tomatoe, and lettuce on whole wheat, i didnt recieve the milk and sugar for my tea like i asked for either. When i returned to the store the long haired younge punk that claimed to be a supervisor (I serioulsy doubt he can supervise himself taking a pee much less a coffee shop) he would not return my money unless i produced a receipt for my purchase. . . Lol has anyone ever been given a receipt going threw the drive thru?
Tim's service is as usual in the drive thru. . . Its a joke
And they have the nerve to up the prices again. / . .
We should all boycoytt tim hortons just for a weekend. . . !!!

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  • Jg
      7th of Aug, 2009
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    Um, we've never received a receipt from Tim Horton's - not in the store, nor in the drive through.

    You should complain to the fanchise office.

    I like their coffee...not so much their chicken salad. It's yucky. They have no clue how to make chicken salad right. And never eat their egg salad either. ugh.

    Timmie's is good for coffee, hot chocolate, muffins and bagels. The rest, I wouldn't eat. But the service is becoming noticeably poorer beause franchise owners aren't training staff properly. Out of the dozens in our town, there's two (two of the oldest outlets) where we can count on good service. The others can't even seem to get a coffee order right.

  • La
      5th of Sep, 2009
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    I live in Laval QC. the TIM HORTON'S on Autoroute 13. The washrooms are digusting the toilets are not functional most of the time, plus the coffee was very cold. I hope these complaints will be taken care off.

  • Da
      26th of Sep, 2009
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    Hi, i have a few complaints, the first is Why are there so many working in the drive thry? They ask for my order, they punch it on the monitor you's think it would be rare to screw up an order, they do more then 50% of the time. 2nd complaint, i go to a Tim's almost every night in Gatineau Que. and a lot of the times the parking is packed, i mean no room at all in the parking, but you look in the restaurant and there's about 5 people in there, I think they rent parking spots, so where are paying customers suppose to park!!??

  • Mr
      29th of Jul, 2010
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    Oh God forbid the employees have a place to park. 2nd, there's no way they screw it up 50% of the time without there being a problem on YOUR end. Either youre not talking loud enough or you're saying your order wrong. And you should not complain about how many people it takes to do a job if you have not tried that job yourself. You, sir, are a [censored], and people like you are the reason I feel society is going down the [censored]er. Too many ignorant people complaining about things they are clueless about.

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