Tim Hortonsice coffe

I am a regular customer. Today I went to a location I don't usually use and I got a ice coffee and there was hardly any ice I came back its hot I wanted a cold ice coffee I ask for ice they give me more then I put my coffee in my hand i'm drinking it I put it in the stroller it tils just a little and spilt everywhere all over me my stuff ect. I go back I say the lid wasn't on right it split everywhere they tell me they have no more ice coffee i'm like ok so a ice cap she says no you have to pay i'm like its been 30 seconds u can clearly see it spilt and shes rude and trying to charge me I couldn't believe I was treated this way after I already came back because my order was wrong then it spills because they failed to put the lid on right then I lose my money all my stuff is covered that's so un fair so upsetting please contact me [protected]

Jun 01, 2018

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