Tim Horton's / grilled steak panini sandwich

Ferndale, MI, United States
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Today, 6/20/2017, at approximately 1 p.m. Eastern Standard time in Ferndale, Michigan, I purchased a Grilled Steak Panini sandwich only at your store on Woodward Avenue between Eight and Nine Mile Roads at the "drive-thru". I paid $5.29 cash, including tax. I purchased this sandwich at lunchtime. When I got back to my desk at work, I began eating one half of the sandwich, which was cut in half at your store by the preparer. It was very good and fresh...until I got to the second half of the sandwich. I began to smell a strong, foul odor. Either the meat was spoiled or there was fecal matter on that half of the sandwich. I threw the remainder of the sandwich in the trash.
Tim Horton's was a good choice for a lunchtime option when I compared your store to McDonald's, Wendy's, White Castle, Taco Bell, Subway, and Duncan Donuts -- to name a few of your competitors. Now, I cannot trust the quality of your food after this experience.
Please check your protocols in your store and ensure all safe hygiene practices and food storage/ preparation meet health code standards. A visit from the health department seems to be in order.

Jun 20, 2017

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