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A Nov 14, 2017 Review updated:

on 11/10/17 after my first inappropriate interaction with the overnight employee who decided to flirt with me and my daughter while we were ordering in the drive thru, then proceeded to wait until we got to the window to ask for our number and if we had plans that night to actually began making our order at one of my favorite tim hortons in buffalo new york at 2595 union road in cheektowaga i called and spoke with a manager, told her his name (Jerome) and described him to her; she at that moment insured that the situation would be resolved and it would never happen again.
Assuming that everything was indeed taken care of my daughter and i went back a few days later to get our usual orders to only be cursed out by the same guy!!! it was beyond unbelievable and totally embarrassing to be treated like that informant of my child in all my 34 years of living ive never been that customer to feel so disrespected to actually write a complaint.. i can say now that i no longer go to tim hortons for my coffee i go to starbucks. i like to be treated as if my business matters just as must as service given.


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      Nov 15, 2017

    I would suggest calling the same manager to report his new behavior. I wouldn't be surprised if he does this to other customers and he clearly needs to be reprimanded more seriously. These incidents are almost never isolated.

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