TheBrick.comonline buyer beware! on line purchases - no return policy!!!

Lounger purchased from The on line:
Purchased Monday, Nov 26, 2018
Delivered Friday Nov 30, 2018
Called and met with Store manager - Jeremy Sunday Dec 2 and was advised nothing they can do. All online purchases have a no return policy

The problem with purchasing anything on line is the sight unseen relationship that you enter... We have purchased many items on line as most of us have now.. Mayfair, Costco, Ashley Furniture etc.. ALL WITH A COMPLETE NON SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! So we were very displeased to learn that we were stuck with this lounger (was no where near the one we checked out at the store) No consideration what so ever!!!

They simply dropped off the item in box and pretty much ran out the door! We were advised by the delivery team that we had 3 days to return it if we were not satisfied... Wrong
We don't even want our money back, we simply want to exchange it for the one that we had tried out at the store

Looking for some resolution here... Remember a satisfied customer will tell 10 people, as dis-satisfied customer will tell 1000!

Dec 03, 2018

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