The Home Depot / wrongly sent and missing products, no getting answers from anyone at store #6378

I have purchased more than 30K in store #6378 (Hialeah, Florida) on two separate occasions. The goods were to be exported outside the US and remained in a Miami warehouse for several months due to a personal emergency.
Upon receiving them, I realized that there were 2 problems with my order.
1st: The 2 additional windows ordered in my second purchase were not the same as the first 15 windows, although I was adamant about the fact that they should be the same and was assured of that by the people I was in contact (please see the pictures included where it is evident that the windows are not the same, the grille pattern is misssing)
2nd: Some items of my order, which was paid in cash were not delivered and are missing from the goods I received.
I wrote to the store and called several times and at first I was assured that they would take care of the problem.
Now, after a couple of months of mails and phone calls to several people in that store, no one is taking the responsibility of solving my problem.
I was confident that your employees would honor your values regarding excellent customer services, doing the right thing and respecting all people and was always impressed by your inverted pyramid where customers are at the top of your priorities.
However, the people of the mentioned store do not seem to comply with those values.
I have sent mails and also spoken to the following persons and no one seems to be willing to accept the mistake made by the store and send me the correct and missing products:
Marcela Panizo, Christie Dixon, Yoan Caballero and finally Allen Mejuto the store manager
If you would be so kind as to send me an e-mail address so I can forward you all the details of my odyssey with the home Depot Store #6378
I am confident that someone who reads the story will act appropriately and solve my long overdue claim.

My name is Jaime Rocabado and my e-mail address is: [protected]
I am currently living in Bolivia and that is where everything I bought form the Home depot was sent.

The Home Depot
The Home Depot

Dec 06, 2017

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