The Hartford / accident not caused by me, but am paying the &price for it.&

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The letter below was sent to Accident REcords Bureau, as well as our insurance company: THE HARTFORD...and the other driver's insurance sompany, ALLSTATE.
we also attached a picture showing the damage to our car..
there is great inconsistencies...the police officer who arrived at the scene, ...did not witness anything...his report is false..and we found out from Allstate that the woman driver who was speeding .and who hit us...said that I was parallel parking and backing up when the hit occurred.
I want to know if the Accident Bureau will take into account, my amended report...which is the honest to God truth...
My insurance has been raised...through no fault of my own...

below is the letter...I do not have a scanner, and cannot submit pictures of the damage...but this can be sent to the proper further prove that the damage to my car and the false reports...are inconsistencies...

Attention: Accident Records Bureau

Dear Sirs,

My claim number is: PA 8556538.

This letter is to explain what actually happened on Sunday, April 26, 2017, at approximately 11:45am in front of 1825 Merrick Road in Merrick, NY.

I was waiting on the shoulder to enter into the first left traffic lane, while my left flasher was blinking. My Honda Civic was stationary, and I waited as four cars approached and passed by me without any problems, until the fifth car—a white car-- hit me with a glancing blow on the outside of my left, rear bumper, tearing off pieces of that bumper, gouging holes in the bumper, as well as destroying the glass that covers the left, rear signal light.

The white car was going at such an extremely high speed, that the driver was unable to stop the car until a good distance away from my still-stationary car.

I left my car, as my wife waited by our car, and I approached the white car that hit me; but the driver was nowhere to be found. A few seconds later, she came out of some store, and was very angry, claiming that I hit her car, which was impossible, because as I stated above, I was NOT moving, while waiting to enter traffic lane.

The driver said she was not going to call the police, for whatever her reasons. I then called 911 on my mobile phone to report the accident.

Police Officer Gerry arrived on the scene. I gave him my license, registration and insurance card. And he requested my wife to give him her non-driver’s license Identification card, which she did.

I explained to Office Gerry exactly what I have explained here in this letter, and then the officer took the other driver’s statement, and then came back over to my wife and me and said that everything would be in his accident report.

I request that Officer Gerry’s accident report be amended, because the description depicts me as a contributor to the accident.

I should not be held liable for an accident that I did not cause, since my car was hit from behind.

I have attached a picture showing the damages done to my Honda Civic.


Steven L. Bentley

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  • Ma
      Jan 14, 2011
    The Hartford - Disaster
    The Hartford
    United States

    In the begining of December i had a trailor stolen off my property.I used this trailor to keep and store tools and materials i didnt have room for in my shop.

    I called The Hartford and opened a claim for the tools and materials to reimburse me for the loss.Justin Koutros told me since i didnt use the trailor for work and was an extension of my shop out back to fill out the forms and fax them back to him, he wanted manuals and receipts to show proof i did in fact own over 10k worth of stuff in the trailer.I have receipts since 1990 and over half the manuals for the tools and equipment i own so thank god i was a pack rat for that.He wanted me to seperate a list of work tools from personal property tools which i did he said the 2500 would cover the work tools and the rest of the tools had a 100%recoup so after i payed for the replacement tools they would reimburse me the difference of depreciation.

    I was not able to remember everything i had in the trailor but was able to come up with over 13K worth of tools and materials-(receipts and manuals to prove it)- and i didnt even claim the dmg to the trailor as i dont move it anyways its for storage 98% of the time.

    Justin told me that after he got the fax id get the check and could go replace everything within the week after he sent the check out.

    Fast forward to today: it has now been over a month and i have a check for $2500 for the work tools and another for $882 to cover the other tools they consider around the house tools.

    My request for a list of how they come up with whats considered "around the house tools", how they price items, a copy of the policy, still have not been shown to me.All i was told was i have 180 days to except the payments or the claim will be closed.

    So from what im being told and shown if your house burns down or you get robbed even if you do have proof of what was lost in the disaster your limited by whatever this company wants to pay and they use there own formulas that are secret and cannot be disclosed.

    unlike others maybe who just take what they give i cannot, i am now forced to try and take this to courts so i can get put back to whole again before the theft happened which according to the insurance commissioner is the duty of the company.

    My opinion is if your thinking of using THE HARTFORD you should definatly shop around .I know i will be.

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  • Th
      May 01, 2011
    The Hartford - Extortion
    The Hartford Insurance
    United States

    Do not buy insurance with this company, you will be sorry.

    They deny 100% of all disability claims. They Claim they never receive paperwork non-stop.

    They will ask that you pay them back when you switch to social security, but the payback is MORE than what they paid YOU!!! They do this around TAX TIME and sell your FAKE DEBT to 3rd Party Debt collectors. They act VERY COY when you try to get them to acknowledge basic information.


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  • Mu
      Jun 02, 2011
    The Hartford - Dishonest Theives
    United States

    I recently received the enclosed ‘Lower Rate Notice’ from you. The only ‘lower rate’ I am interested in was the one I had with you before you cancelled my policy. In January 2017, having almost no income, I did not have the full amount for the payment requested on the statement you sent me that was 3 times what I normally paid (under the guise of being an annual deposit) and I paid only my regular monthly amount. You promptly sent that back to me with a notification that you cancelled my policy. This happened after I had requested copies of all my many years of policy and payment history because your billing amounts are irregular and I could never get the amounts you wanted, to balance with what I paid and what you said I owed. No matter what I thought I had paid in advance I was never paid in advance according to you and frequently accrued late fees because you said I still owed you money. After being a customer for many years I felt it was unnecessary for you to be charging me an annual deposit like any new client. That shows your loyalty is only to the almighty dollar and not your customers. After cancelling me and while I was searching for new insurance, you were then more than happy to provide me a quote with a ‘new rate’ that was almost $100 more per month.

    You are rip off artists and I want to get the word out. I plan on doing that via the internet by explaining just what you did in order to inflate my premium and then cancel it. And in order to renew it I would be paying 1 ½ times what I had been. THAT is no discount.

    I have moved on and gotten insurance elsewhere, you are thieves, do not contact me any further. I think AARP needs to know how you do business as well.


    That about says it...don't trust sounds good but they *** you around and instanteously cancel your policy when you start asking questions...I have had car insurance for 41 years and have NEVER been cancelled until now.

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  • Nu
      Jul 26, 2011

    Not surprised at all. You are very correct in stating the almighty dollar is all that matters--as it is with them! Having had prior experience with them I cringed when I saw the association with AARp-wish you every success in spreading the word, esp to AARP! Simply put on top of the price/premium issues, the care and benefits you think you are getting, may even count on --well guess what.And yep there are no scruples at all.

    Good Luck!

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