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Aarp - Hartford / Auto InsuranceLate billing & Cancellation Fee

On December 22, 2008 I received a notice from the State saying my vehicles were not insured. On December 29th I called AARP and they said they had forgotten to renew my policy but that I was covered. On January 6, 2009 I received my policy but the rates had increased by 20%. I called and they told me that since I was over 60 my rates increased. I told them this was unacceptable and purchased my auto policy through GEICO. Now AARP is saying that since I canncelled my policy they will be charging me 10% of the expired premium. I have tried to tell them the only reason I cancelled was because of the increse in premium that they did not let me know about until they policy was already in force.
I don't think I shuld have to pay the 10% penalty. I am will to pay for coverage at the previous rate until I cancelled.


  • Yo
    youcanbelieveitifyouwant Mar 07, 2017

    I totally agree. AARP is ripping people off. When I first received my policy some years ago my rates were good. During the course of being with AARP my rates have jumped sky high. I was involved in a car accident where I was hit from behind. No fault of mind, but since I was involved my rates sky rocketed. No reasonable explanation given. AARP gave an answer for everything. They need to be sued for misrepresentation. I had an attorney review my policy and he said it was garbage. I cancelled all insurances with them. They are for the birds.

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  • Ma
    Mary L Woodyard Jan 18, 2017
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    Just a note to say that after all these years and all these complaints, nothing has changed. We signed up for AARP's the Hartford last year after we moved to NM. Their rates were then the lowest. When our policy renewed last November, the cost jumped over 30% with no explanation or prior notification. I have since contacted them three times requesting a written explanation. An agent from out of town called, but that was not a written explanation for my files. I have obtained several quotes from other companies and the Hartford is now way higher than the other providers. I plan to cancel, but haven't heard back about my request for information on how to cancel. There is no information available on their website. The whole thing seems more than a little shady. I think I'll cancel my AARP membership, too, since this is the kind of product they're offering.

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  • De
    dennismn1 Mar 21, 2016
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    I don't have Hartford, but brother had them till Hartford raised the cost out of line with the market. I have sold Auto/Home Ins for the past 30 years so know the Independent market pretty well. Hartford is good for the first few renewals, but seem to have an issue after a few renewals and this age issue seems all most unfair. That statement of over 60 seems to have no support in the market. Anyhow, I don't see it and I am over 70 and have no issues with any of our companies.
    Here is Minnesota Hartford would not get away with the 10% cancel "Administration Fee". All personal insurance policies of Home and Auto must be cancelled prorated. For any of you who run into this kind of issue send a letter to your State Insurance Commissioner and ask for a ruling. Each insurance company has to have a state filing and if that is not in their filing the insurance company can't make be charging this. I don't believe MN is the only state that has this help for the consumer.

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  • Do
    DonnaM1 Feb 19, 2016
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    AARP should be Ashamed of their affiliation with The Hartford as the Hartford does not value their customers

    I have been with the Hartford for 15 years I had a problem with a payment going through due to my Debit card being replaced with a new card I paid it on the 2nd of February. I was not aware that the old Card number was on the site the payment was not honored due to the change.

    My policy was canceled immediately because of this misunderstanding when I called the Hartford on the 19th of February to Re-instate after I got a letter from them dated February 11th They would not Re-instate unless I paid the full balance for the whole year of close to $500.00 I asked if I could make a payment or even half of the amount they said no because I did not contact them soon enough. Remember the letter was dated the 11th of February which means it still needed to be mailed so the 13th or 14th it would have arrived. So 7 days or under is the time frame that you are supposed to contact them I guess.

    I have never had an accident or any problems always paid my bill, again customer 15 years. In the past if there was a problem with a credit card it was no problem to reinstate and take the monthly payment (which happened once before a few years ago) lucky I had a credit card or else I would have not been able to reinstate the policy and been left without insurance.

    This is totally unreasonable as I started with the policy because of AARP thus Hartford deals with older people who may not be able to contact them in the time frame of under a week due to illness or family illness plus most older people are on a fixed income and may not be able to pay the whole year off.

    I don't know what happened with this company they used to be caring & helpful but not any more they are now nothing more than another greedy insurance company that cares more for profit then for people needless to say after this and when my policy is up for renewal I will not be continuing with the Hartford and will not recommend anyone else to do business with them.

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  • Jr
    JR46B Feb 16, 2012

    When I started with Hartford I was put on a payment schedule. I made my first payment then in a couple weeks I made another payment 3 times larger than the first. Now that makes 2 payments in the month. Then the first of the next month I made another payment. I look at my online statement. They had charged me a late payment charge on the account. I had paid the two required payments on time actually I paid then 10 days before they were due and I had sent in an extra payment to boot.
    I called and got NO explanation I called at least 4 times on this.
    I ALWAYS pay my house and auto as soon as I can so I might send 3 or 4 times the payment each month plus I would some times send extra payments I NEVER had complaints for paying extra on my bill from anyone EXCEPT HARTFORD. About a week ago I receiver a letter from Hartford saying my auto policy was cancelled NO explanation, NONE. I called they said I had missed a payment which was NOT TRUE. On my computer I have ALL the records. They would not take my proof and would not reinstate the policy. They sent me a check for my balance I had paid them and guess what the check included that payment they said was missing.
    The day I got the cancellation notice on the Auto policy my bank sent a $200.00 payment to the Auto Policy that was the LAST payment on the policy. It has been at least 2 weeks and I have heard nothing from them. ALSO that same day I cancelled my homeowners with Hartford That policy was paid in FULL 2 months ago. I told them on the phone to cancel the insurance on a certain day because I did not want any laps in insurance. This took place 2 weeks ago, TODAY I got a letter want me to give them a date to cancel my homeowners NOW IT IS GOINGTO TAKE 2 MORE WEEKS TO GET THAT MONEY BACK. I am truly thankful I got away from Hartford. They HAVE TO BE OUTSORCING THEIR BOOKKEEPING. EITHER THAT THEY ARE PAYING A FRIST GRADE CLASS TO DO IT!!!

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  • Le
    Lexij May 13, 2011
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    Verified customer

    I, too, think AARP should cancel their agreement with The Hartford. Every year they up my policy by close to $200. I have never had an accident, ticket, or DUI! I drive for pleasure only which is less than 3, 000 per year. My first year with AARP, they sent the bill to the wrong address, and when I called about when my payment was due, they said I was cancelled for non-payment. I told them I had never received a bill, that was why I was calling. Too bad, they cancelled me, and said they wouldn't handle my business again for a year. At the time, which was my first year, it was very reasonable for full coverage. That was 5 years ago. After my year "penalty" I went back with them, and every year since my payment has increased by $150 to $200. I am cancelling my insurance with them which is due at the end of the month, and shopping around. And I am also writing a letter to them, and also to AARP. They (the Hartford) are taking advance of AARP and of anyone who reaches their 60's. This time they raised my rate because they said I drive over 7, 000 miles per year. I asked where they got that information, and the customer service person said "I don't know."

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  • Ma
    maesextonbrown Feb 10, 2011
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    a verified customer
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    I called to place a volvo I had bought on my policy, was told if I paid 419.00I would be paid up for the year...a week later I rec'd a bill for 358.00 and I would be cancelled if I didn't pay by mar in the month of feb hartford wanted me to send a total of 777. when I asked why, was told I had been given incorrect info about being paid up..Too bad we have to learn the hard way.Goodbye [email protected]

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  • Ch
    charterlady Feb 09, 2011
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    Recently it came time to renew my auto insurance. Below is the text from my snailmailed letter to the Hartford:
    Your insurance bill arrived in the mail on or around Jan. 25th, 2011. The due date was indicated as Feb. 4th, 2011. I had received no other bills or announcements of payments due.
    The amount due with no options for extension of payments over time was an outrageous $1397.00 whereas the year of 2010 was bad enough at $1166.
    I doubt you’ll take the time to review this policy which I am happy to say will be cancelled effective tomorrow, but if you do, you will see that my needs/requirements for auto insurance are minimal. Nothing had changed in my driving life to elicit such an enormous increase in premium...actually at the least it should have remained static since my little finance-free car’s book value right now is about $7500 on a good day.
    I do not commute to work and I am the sole driver with a “superior” rating.
    The fact that AARP (who will be hearing from me as well) permits and even supports your company in offering auto insurance is almost grounds for me to be leaving that organization.
    I sought help from an agency in the Tampa Bay area who located a policy with improved coverage, an A++ rating from JD Power and a business track record dating from 1916. The price for this policy from Southern Owners Insurance Company paid in full (always my election, though, unlike your company, they do offer incremental payments) is a mere $885.67.
    The difference is unconscionable and you can be sure that all my friends will be advised to go nowhere near your company for current or future policies.
    Call me potentially paranoid and very possibly judgmental, but is it possible you are banking on some perceived “fact” that your customer base is aged and addled and might just pay up without a fight?
    You definitely guessed wrong in this case. And if I were you, I’d revisit this business plan altogether.

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  • Lo
    looki44 Nov 16, 2010

    My ex Girlfriend & I had similar experiences w Hartford. She changed cars from a Dodge Caravan to a toyota corolla & Her rates went up 400 dollars.She went w GEICO & saved the 400 dollars. I Changed from a car to a ranger pickup & got a rate quote. When the policy change arrived they had listed the ranger as a 1990 & not a 1994, even though the serial number was right. When I contacted them they bumped the rate 200 dollars even though the newer year has ABS, Dual airbags & a better safety rating. When I called to cancel was hit w 10% fee. I complained & they reduced the rate back but only for 1 year. Problems w billing also adding up to more than origional policy amount when payment plan was chosen. STAY AWAY!

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  • Bi
    billam Feb 09, 2010

    I totally agree that AARP should be ashamed to be partnered with The Hartford.

    I have had auto insurance through the Hartford for 8 years- I did not choose the company- I trusted AARP to do that for me. BIG MISTAKE!

    My rates constantly increased- when I turned 65 they increased over $300- I called the Hartford and was told they increased because of AGE!!! How bizarre, since AARP is sponsoring them!

    I just purchased a new car and received notice that they increased my rate by more than a $600 on a policy that was already way over the average for car insurance offered by other insurers for the same coverage. I did some research and found that other top insurance companies will provide me with the same or better coverage for more than $1000 less than the Hartford!!!

    When I called to tell them this, they were more than happy to let me cancel my policy- and informed me of the 10% administrative fee that no other company charges.

    Hartford is taking advantage of seniors who trust AARP to be looking out for our interests. So much for that idea.I plan to call both AARP and the Better Business Bureau to see if this is even legal.

    Does anyone even read these complaints?

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  • Wi
    Wiser Senior Jan 04, 2010

    AARP only cares about getting a kick back from the insurance companies. The could care less about the service.

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  • Bo
    bobgrange Dec 14, 2009

    We too were assessed a 10% cancellation fee. Nowhere in the policy does it describe such a fee. We went with Met Life and they told us that they gave up charging cancellation fees a long time ago because it causes such ill will. I will never deal with Hartford again and will tell everyone I know about their unsavory business practices.

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  • Be
    BEMB Oct 04, 2009

    I received a letter on Saturday saying my car insurance was cancelled; since it was a Saturday, there was no one to contact. I never cancelled it; I wasn't notified beforehand and in Los Angeles, if you drive, you better have insurance.

    If they send you info on a weekend, they should have someone available to call; after all they are a service industry.

    Whom can we call at AARP headquarters and not have to speak to a robot? Anyone have a direct line? Thank you.

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  • To
    Tony1000 Jun 26, 2009

    I too am being charged a 10% early cancellation fee. I think it is unfair .I also think AARP should discontinue their partnership with the Hartford group. Why don't they tell the customer upfront about the 10% early cancellation fee. I will never insure again thru AARP and I will tell my family and friends about my experience.

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  • Un
    unhappy Jun 15, 2009
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Same thing is happening to us. Only they increased our rate from $900/yr. to over $1300. I now have new auto insurance --same coverage -- at a fraction of the ridiculous $1300.

    We too received this letter stating we would be assessed a 10% early cancellation fee. What a scam this AARP/Hartford auto insurance.

    AARP should be ashamed of themselves for partnering with, what turns out to be, such an unreputable and unethical company such as The Hartford.

    If we could all of us, and I do believe there are many others out there, band together to get AARP to discontinue their relationship with The Hartford. We have always relied AARP's ethical endorsements of companies, policies and consumer goods. But, somewhere along the line The Hartford began abusing AARP's brand identity.

    As they say, there is POWER in numbers. So lets all of us band together to campaign AARP to discontinue their relationship with this unscrupulous company - The Hartford Auto Insurance.

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