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Good evening,

This is my second time dining at the location. The first time my friend ordered the chicken Madeira which was burnt. The restaurant apologized and made a new one for her to take home, which was nice but didn't help us during our dining experience. Still since we enjoy the food and generally get good service, we returned on saturday, November 25. The waiter seemed to disappear and it took over 35 minutes for our main courses to arrive. He people next to us received their food before we did despite ordering after us. When we requested a manager, it took 10 minutes for her to come to our table. She explained she was checking on our food and that "every item takes different amount of time to cook" as a way of explaining why those around us got their food first. She was nasty and said food is supposed to take 25 minutes and was overly dismissive, remembering and calling me out for the chicken Madeira incident last time. She was not apologetic and overly rude. This is not anything like what I experienced at other restaurants. I am appalled by both the waiter disappearance, then bringing other guests their food followed by the managers complete and utter disregard for customer service. I can't return to this location. As good as the food is, i don't want to continually have negative experiences at this specific location.

Nov 25, 2017

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