The Cheesecake Factoryrude behavior of staff

We placed an online order for the Lawrenceville, New Jersey restaurant Sunday evening. I was contacted via phone by the kitchen about an item in the sampler I ordered that they ran out of, the person Calling said my order would be ready in 5-10 minutes which was earlier than the approximate time given on the e-mail confirmation. Everything fine so far! The instructions said to present your order number to staff at the bakery counter. After being ignored for a long time by someone who was apparently just putting cheese cake on plates and could not even great costumers a VERY unpleasant woman came along and started screeming at everyone waiting for their ordered food that if we had not received a text message that the food was ready we should just stay back until we did because she did not have our food. 45 minutes after the perfectly nice girl from the kitchen called me I asked again and then she screamed at me that noone had called me, like I would lie about someone calling me from the kitchen to say they were out of avocado, She did check after that and found my food that obviously was completely Cold by the time we got home. Why do you employ people that are so rude and unpleasant? It was a long time since I met someone who was so extremly unsutable for her/his job!We have had issues Before with the waiting time for pick up at this restaurant but never been treated in this way. This woman was just as unpleasant to everyone that came in her way.

Dec 11, 2018

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