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I'm writing you with hopes of someone understanding my situation and position. Although I am certain that these things happen, and it is not the first case, I am left with such discouragement and sadness after this situation. After receiving no support, I am hoping someone higher will hear this out.
It all started when on May 19, 2018 I went to The Brick in Kirkland Quebec, to buy some appliances for a home purchase I just finalized.
To start with, I received the poorest service I have ever received in my life. I myself, work I customer service/ project management and fully understand the meaning of it, but that day, it was very poor. Telling myself that I know enough about appliances to be able to figure this out on my own, I made no big deal about the service and carried on with my purchases.
When I came to the store, I knew exactly what I wanted and needed, my price range, and was going to make this trip short and sweet. Unfortunately, the representative that was with me was less than knowledgeable about the products and very unhelpful. I ended up having to do the leg work myself and finding what I needed and the information on the products that interested me. Any question I had, this individual could not answer. So, I had to do some online research, right there at the store. That shouldn't happen, but it did. Still, made nothing of it, completed my purchase a few dollars short of 5, 000$ and I'm sure he still made commission from it, without even trying. That day, I was also told that every item I purchased was in stock. I was assured that everything will be okay, and I will receive everything on time. With this sales representative, we looked at the system, and chose a delivery date of July 23rd 2018.

Fast forward to July 3rd, I had called the store because I lost my original bill copy and wanted to know if it could be sent by email. It was. During that call, I decided I will still ask if everything is in stock and we are good to go for the 23rd. I was once again assured that everything is okay, in stock and I can expect the delivery as planned. I was told someone will contact me about a week before delivery to confirm everything. I was happy in that moment.
Friday July 20th 2018, a few days before my move, I had received no call or confirmation. I decided I will call and check in myself.
From this point, everything got worse and worse.
I call and was told that the fridge is not in stock and is expected to be stock in a week or two. No concrete date for when. That was shocking. Wasn't everything in stock?
I was told by the agent that there was nothing they could do. So, no help there and no willingness to problem resolve. I asked if I could have a different fridge that IS in stock and can be delivered on the 23rd, since a fridge is a necessity and I have a family to feed. We could not keep eating in restaurants with young children who also have allergies. The agent told me that only my rep who sold me this, could check into that. I was put on hold and second later, told that this rep no longer worked for the company.
That's fine I said and asked to be transferred to someone else who could help with this.
The person I was finally transferred to seemed less than pleased to speak with me. I felt like I was the biggest inconvenience to his day and practically had to beg to help me, after explaining the situation and how important it is for me to have a fridge delivered when I had planned it.

As a result, I kept getting excuses for why things went the way they went, uncooperative behavior and displease over the phone.
It didn't really matter to me why this was so missed. What mattered is to resolve the situation, but nobody was helping. With elevated stress of a move, this was difficult. I'm asking for help but receiving none. Nobody was human enough to understand this frustration and necessity of a fridge. I had to explain that it is not a dish washer or washing machine that I could make due with for a little while. It's a fridge. Were we expected to spend hundreds of dollars out of our pocket, and feed children in restaurants for an undetermined period, spending money we shouldn't have to spend because of a mistake the company did? A client should never pay for something that the ball was completely dropped on, by the company itself.

Nobody was accommodating. Nobody wanted to help.
First, I was told by the first agent that nothing can be done, and I have to wait. I did not find that very helpful, honestly.
Secondly, If I would have never called, I would have never even known. I would have either received a partial shipment, or nothing at all with no explanation. And imagine the shock that would have been to get no fridge and have kids around you. This wasn't an easy situation.

The excuses I received by the replacement representative I was transferred to is "It's moving season. We don't have the stock".
Firstly, moving day In Quebec is July 1st, and secondly I explained, I shopped 2 months in advance to
avoid this sort of issue. I did my job planning. It was so sad to see how this completely fell through the cracks. Now, with 2 days left to pack the family and move, I had to spend continuous hours on the phone to resolve an issue I didn't want to have and made sure I took care of, 2 months prior of the move date.
My request was simple at that point. I just wanted a fridge delivered to me on Monday. I asked to find an in-stock replacement, for the same price I paid, that we could get out in the few days.
The representative did that, but the model he sent me, I disliked.
That was brushed aside, and I was told, well this is the only model and that he didn't even know if he could get stock on it.
Was I expected to accept a model, I did NOT like, just for the sake of having a fridge, because of a mistake made by Brick ?
I politely offered him to look online at some models that I could be interested in, and then that I'll call him back and he could see if he could get any one of them, and at the same price as the Fridge I did order. I understand there was some money lost for the store there, but it would have been greatly appreciated if I would have been accommodated.
All the models I did end up asking about, they couldn't price match as an exception. I didn't exactly choose models that were thousands of $ over the price mine was. I was told I can have them, but need to pay 500$+ out of my pocket because they can only lower the price by a couple of hundred.
Why ? why did I need to pay out of my pocket, when I already purchased everything, paid for it, made my budgets. This wasn't fair.
This representative told me he doesn't have the authority to drop the prices by that much. I asked to speak to a manager directly.
Fast forwarding hours into Friday the 20th, This manager is fully aware I want to speak to him/her and was NOT calling back. They kept having the representative call me, with no resolution, or authority to try to do anything for me, and be the middle person.
The frustration was beyond what words can explain. I simply wanted to speak to this manager who seems to be the only one who can maybe help, and I was getting ignored completely. At least 6 times, I asked to be transferred and then was told he will call me. He did not, until the very evening. This managers excuse, was that he knew I called many times but didn't want to speak to me until he had a solution.
This was so upsetting to hear. That is not client orientated at all. I would have appreciated him picking up the first time or returning ANY one of my calls and letting me know that he is looking into it.
when finally talking to him; there was no solution. He said it looks like there is no stock, and if there is, I need to pay more out of my pocket, and that he wasn't sure when the model I chose will come in but will have to call me back on Saturday the 21st to confirm everything and what we will do.
Its Friday evening at this point, I'm tired, stressed, have kids running around and a house to pack and move and I spent most of my day on the phone, being ignored at how this whole thing completely fell through, in every department.

Saturday comes and close to the end of the day, I finally got a call. There was no resolution, as predicated. My model was going to come in about a week to two weeks from that day, he could do a second free delivery for the fridge when it does come in, and that's about it.
To add to all that, he said my first and now partial delivery that is scheduled for the 23rd, is impossible to complete because Brick does not deliver on Mondays.
… Again, just one more dysfunction in this whole situation. I sat in front of the computer when I originally purchased the appliances and the Brick computer system gives options for delivery dates. Monday the 23rd, was one of them. Now, suddenly, it wasn't an option and the store doesn't deliver those days. Now I found myself in a position where I must switch my already planned time off and work days, to different days because of this delivery. This, inevitably causing issues at work as I am a project manager and had planned my work and everything, around that Monday being off. Now I needed to take 2, unpaid, different days off, to accommodate The Brick for delivery.
I'm crying at this point, but honestly, there was no human approach anywhere in this whole story. Nobody could care less.
Finally this manager who called me on Saturday, gave me the bad news but assured me that I am on his top priority list, he is watching the stock and will call me the second the fridge comes in, personally.

I asked if the store can accommodate in any way; gift cards, store credits or anything really, since I found myself in a position where I have to eat out in restaurants with my family, and take un paid time off work. That's hundreds of dollars.
The day before the partial delivery for all appliances, I called to make sure my delivery is still on for the day after (which ended up being July 25th, and not 23rd as Planned) I was told yes, and that ALSO the fridge is scheduled for the day after.
Another shock! It's in stock? I got no call, not even from this manager. In fact, I never heard from that person again. Nothing, after promised to stay on contact and personally figure out a way to accommodate or compensate me.
And, who scheduled delivery without advising me? At this point the whole situation was unacceptable, and so poorly managed by all involved. After everything that happened and went wrong, I received the fridge. Was it all worth it now? I don't know. This was too stressful and too upsetting about how the company handled this case.
I myself, am understanding. Mistakes happen and in our customer service world, we deal with it every day. But in all my life, I have never received such poor, unprofessional and unhelpful service.
I'm not naming names of people I spoke to. I never thought I would find myself in a position, having to reach out to a head office . My point of this letting is not to have someone in trouble. But I would like it if someone heard me out. Implemented ways that the system could better in the store. Gave some customer service training or anything else to improve the process and how cases get handled.
I would appreciate it if someone could call me or write back to me. I know it's not much and seems like such a silly issue, but when your world is uprooted and the stressors were at the maximum level, this was devastation and exhausting to myself and my family. We ended up eating out, spending a ton of money too. There was no understanding or compensation from the store for any of this. No credit, no gift cards, nothing. There wasn't even a proper apology and that hurt most.

Jul 31, 2018

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