The Brick Warehouse / my 3 year olds "big girl" bed... mattress, box spring and rails

Waterloo, ON, Canada

I cannot tell you how disappointed I am with your team here in Waterloo at the Ira needles location. I have just purchased a brand new home and went to your break location to "test it out "... I ordered my three-year-old daughter her brand new big girl bed making it very clear that I needed an entire set boxspring mattress and rails. I ordered a set of rails for myself as well finding out later that I no longer required them. I received a phone call the very same day notifying me that my daughters entire bed set was ready to be picked up. I went in only to return the bedrails I no longer need it for myself only to learn that in fact it was a mistake made by a trainee when calling me and letting me know my daughters bed was ready...when speaking to customer service I was informed that it was only a mattress and bed rails that were ordered I specifically said to the lady that I asked for a complete bed set... box spring included however it was only the mattress and bed rails that were ordered and purchased however not my mistake I made it very clear I needed a bed set ... customer service than rectify the situation by including the box spring... on that day I had rented a U-Haul for 79.99... I then later called the manager on duty stating clearly how upset I was over the situation . He informed me that I would get a $45 credit for my inconvenience which doesn't equal 79.99... I received a phone call the following week on Wednesday informing me that that was ready to be picked up I went on Thursday the following day to pick up her bed set with another U-Haul this one costing 19.99... I was then told there was an emergency and nobody was in the back to be able to retrieve my daughters bed . I called the next day very very upset that it's taken this long for my daughter to get her bed I've rented two U halls... I asked to speak directly to the manager on duty and was told that I would get delivery the next available time ... to my surprise the next available time was six days later I previously stated I just purchased a brand new home I need to furnish my entire house... I gave the Breck a try with one set and I will 100% be going somewhere else on top of the fact that I will be writing on every social media site there is how terrible the service is been and the incompetence of everyone involved ... A boxspring that was supposed to be ordered initially a phone call telling me product was in renting a UHaul on two separate occasions $80 and $20 yet only getting $45 back ...The day I received the phone call stating my daughters bed was ready to be picked up I was told she could not get her bad there was nobody in the back to pick it up due to an emergency again rent a U-Haul. I am now out over $113 just on renting a truck to get my daughters bed but all I have received is $45 in return as an I'm sorry daughter has now waited for over two weeks for her own bed... not to mention the fact that she has been sleeping with me which is an inconvenienced to myself... I am complaining because of the incompetency of every employee I've spoken to you, managers included... all I wanted was for my daughter to have a bed... I was also hoping I'd be able to get my entire house furnished from the brick as you were very close to my home ... that being said along with my entire statement I will not be purchasing anything else from the brick ... and once again will be posting on social media how terrible this experience has been .
I'd like a phone call from someone in management regarding my situation .
Jessica Hall

Sep 25, 2017

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