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Re Feb 29, 2016 Edmonton, AB

To whom it may concern
This is concerning a purchase I made at The Brick, 24 Conventry road, Brampton, ON. On December 26, 2016. I purchased two sofas that morning and was told that it would be delivered on January 3rd 2016. On January 3rd, the couches came in but right away I noticed that the arms of the sofa were sagging and the leather on certain sides of the couch was worn out. I pointed that out to the delivery person right away and mentioned that I was not satisfied with the quality of the product as it was nowhere close to what I had seen in the store. He advised me that since he had to make the delivery, I should contact the store and they will ensure a new delivery is set up to resolve the issue. Going from there, I contacted the store and submitted the pictures for the damaged sofa. I was advised that another sofa set will be delivered to me on …..and the initial couch will be taken at the same time. Understanding that defects do come up in certain furniture pieces, I scheduled the delivery. Unfortunately, for the second delivery as well the same problem existed. This time I made my way to the store to voice my concern to the customer service and the store management as well. My issue was seen to by the manager and he understood my frustration. He mentioned that this was odd and a new shipment of the same product was coming in the next month and he hopes that it will resolve the issue. He also ensured me that the product will be inspected before it is shipped to our house. Although the next delivery date was almost a month away, going by what had been told to me regarding inspection of the couches, I thought to give another try. On Feb20, 2016 the couches were delivered for the third time. I am sad to say but this time again the couch had the exact same problem. This perplexed me as I was told that the couch would be inspected before its delivery to ensure that I don't have to go through the frustration of a product not meeting my expectations. When I asked the delivery truck driver if the couches were inspected or not, he told me none of the couches were inspected as the inspected couches have a proof of inspection on them and none of the couches had that proof on them. Since the same problem existed, the delivery driver took the couches back. When I went to the store again this incident, I was very frustrated and I believe rightfully so since it had been 3 times now and almost 2 months after my initial purchase that I was left with defective couches. At this time taking into consideration the time I had to dedicate to resolve this issue, I mentioned to the store personnel that since the product did not meet my expectations 3 times, I would like to get my money back. To my surprise, it was mentioned to me that I wouldn't be able to do that since I had already accepted the delivery and according to the company policy, I could only get store credit. This in my opinion is very wrongful as I had found the product defective from the get go and had advised the delivery guy the first time the delivery came. But at that time I was told that they had to deliver the product because they can't just take the product back. Now they have picked up both the sofas but nobody has contacted us back for the refund as they want me to buy another brand of sofas against the amount I paid which is agonising me a lot. I want my money back as soon as possible.
Rajesh Vig, 35 Totten drive, Brampton. Ontario. L6R0P5. Phone : [protected]

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