The Brickstaff manners

I am writing to you to share my 2018 Black Thursday's experience with you.

I had seen the Brick's Black Friday Sales Flyer and noticed that they had a queen size Beautyrest "Willow" mattress on sale for $489 for 3 hours only on Black Friday. I went to the Brick Warehouse at South Common on Thursday the day before the Black Friday Sale with the intention of buying 3 (three) mattresses for my granddaughters or at the very least hoping to put a deposit down on the mattresses at comparable Black Friday Sales Pricing.

I was looking to purchase 2 (two) doubles and 1 (one) king size mattress from the same Beautyrest "Willow" product. The sales agent told me that the only one that was on sale was the queen size, the other sizes weren't on sale. I told him I would hate to pay a $1, 000 for a double when the queen's selling for $489. He said lets go to the computer and have a look. He quoted me $899 for each of the double mattresses and I think it was about $1100 for the king. Knowing how I felt about paying such high prices for less product in the case of the double mattresses he made no attempt to make a sale. He said that was the pricing and that's it.

A few days earlier, my daughter happen to be in the same store inquiring about the Beautyrest "Willow" king size mattress. She too raised concern with the sales agent about having to pay 3 times the price for the king size given the queen size is on sale at $489. The sales agent she talked to offered to sell her the king size mattress, a king size bed cover and a pillow all for $999.

While I was in the store I called my daughter to get the name of the sales agent she had talked to hoping that I could get a more understanding sales person. She sent me a text of his business card. The sales agents name is Rupak Shan. I walked back to the sales agent I had just talked to and asked him if Rupak Shan was on staff. He said that's me I'm Rupak Shan. I told him that my daughter came in a few days ago and you quoted her $999 for the king size mattress and you threw in a mattress cover and pillow. He said I remember your daughter and I'll honour the price that I gave her. I asked him why he didn't try to make a sale with me. He didn't answer me he just repeated that he would honour the price he gave to my daughter. I didn't feel comfortable dealing with him after finding out that he was eager to accommodate my daughters concerns but wasn't interested in my concerns.

I went to the Customer Service Desk and asked to speak with the manager. I tried explaining to the manager how I felt the sales agent could have done a better job at trying to make a sale given his dealings with my daughter. The manager told me that they were trying to get away from "on floor negotiating" because it gives the impression our mattresses are overpriced. He went on to say that the manager that was on staff a few days ago must have decided to discount it for your daughter. I told him that I didn't understand how on one hand you tell me that you're trying to stop on floor negotiating but a few a days ago a manager had no problem understanding the pricing dilemma and discounted the mattress. He shot back at me "YOU DON'T NEED TO UNDERSTAND". As soon as he said that I knew this conversation was going nowhere. I told him I would take it up with the store manager. He said I am the store manager. I said well then I'll take up with your manager and asked him for his name. He gives me his name, Dale Kishchuk, and yells as I'm walking away in front of customers "go for it". I don't know what he had for breakfast but it didn't sit well with him. I came to him thinking I was doing him a favour by informing him of the sales practice discrepancies so that they could improve on their sales tactics but came out of it feeling demeaned and insulted.

At this point you probably think I'm going to boycott the store because I was mistreated by a member of your staff, well that's not going to happen, I like the Brick Warehouse, I've always liked the Brick and I'm going to continue to shop there despite this Black Thursday's south common experience.

Anyhow, being the positive energy people we like to think we are, we headed directly over to the north side 101 Street Brick Warehouse. My wife and I were standing there looking at the "Willow" mattress and a sales rep came up to us and told us that the mattress is going on sale tomorrow morning for $489. I mentioned to him that I had seen the mattress in the Black Friday Flyer. I then went on to explain our situation of wanting 2 doubles and one king size mattress but not wanting to pay nearly double for a smaller mattresses. He said I'm not sure what I can do for you on the king size mattress but how would you feel if I could get you the double mattresses at the same prices as the Black Friday's queen size. I said we would be very interested. He said lets go over to the computer and have a look. He said I'll sell you the 2 double mattresses for $489 each and I'll sell you the king size for $750. SOLD! Write it up, done deal.

It was like Jekyll & Hyde, Hyde being south common. This is what should have happened at the South Commons Store. I believe that there are lessons to be learned here. The sales agent at the south commons store should have recognized our pricing dilemma and tried to make a sale. The manager, well what can you say about the manager. I wish I would have had that conversation on tape. You could have used it in your sales training videos. You could have named it "How Not to Engage Your Customers Basics 1.01".

Have a Good Year!

Gordon McIntosh
Beaumont, AB

Nov 26, 2018

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