The Brickhorrible service received

The customer service received from Sarah from the Mississauga location during my delivery of my sectional was horrible. She didnt understand the situation, lied to me about what was going on, tried to reschdule my delivery, then tried to tell me the delivery guys could not install my sectional. Rang my phone more than 8 times with false information. Caused me to have a meltdown for no reason. There was a slight delay for the guys to bring their truck into the loading area of the condo, but we got it taken care of with security, Sarah refused to listen to me or give the situation a bit of time.
The delivery guys thank goodness were great and so helpful (Dexter and Mike)
My sectional was already 3 weeks late because of a fault on the associate who sold it to us and the manager (Kim) took fault for it as she realized it was their mistake, so there was no way I could let them not delivery it because of an emergency van parked in the loading dock area. Unfortunately it's a condo, I can not stand guard outside for hours to make sure no one parks there so yes it took about 10 or 15mins to move it but once it got moved everything went smoothly. However the experience from Sarah, how she spoke to me, gave false information and rang my phone off the hook was so bad that I will never in my life shop at the brick nor recommend it to anyone. This is not how you deal with situations or talk to people. She should not be allowed to speak to customers because she doesnt have ththe slightest clue how to.
I am so disappointed in the brick and how horrible this whole process was for me.

Store location was (5800 McLaughlin Rd., Mississauga)

Dec 07, 2018

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