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The Brick / 6 weeks waiting and then told that model is discontinued

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I purchased a Maytag refrigerator from the Brick on April 24th, 2007. I was given an estimated delivery date of May 5th. Is it now June 3rd, 6 weeks later and I am still waiting for a fridge. Even worse, I was just informed today that the model of fridge I purchased has been discontinued by Maytag and Maytag most likely won't be filling any orders. The options I've been presented by the Brick are either buy a more expensive fridge or take my business elsewhere.

I've written a formal letter of complaint which I mailed to the Regional Vice President, West and have emailed several messages as well. No response.

The Brick has awful customer service and has not once apologized for the inconvenience or delay.

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  • Br
      4th of Jun, 2007
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    Call them up and cancel the sale and ask for a refund. Consider yourself lucky not to have bought a Maytag refrigerator. They are not what they used to be and being cheaply made. Many complaints and constantly breaking down. Your now problem is nothing right now. If you go ahead with the delivery you will be so sorry.

  • Fr
      11th of Sep, 2007
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    I purchased a leather suite of furniture from the Brick, just over a year ago. I paid $4000 approx. for it. I also purchased the 5 year blanket warranty.

    The leather on the Love Seat is already starting to peel in various places. They sent out a technician and she repaired it as best she could, but it is impossible to repair a problem like this. You can see where it has been repaired, very patchy, and she did not get to all of the areas.

    I am very disappointed and would expect that the love seat be replaced, especially since the Salesman gave such a speech about how it would be to my advantage and protection to purchase the warranty, which I did, and now this is the satisfaction I get.

    If they do not fix this problem to my satisfaction, I will be reporting them to the Better Business Bureau.

  • Ge
      30th of Oct, 2007
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    Pretty much same problem however they delivered half the products that I wanted and can't get the other half now I want a refund on the delivery cause they did not fulfill their promise to deliver everything to me and they won't give me one. I have submitted a complaint to the better business bureau.

  • Ch
      26th of Nov, 2007
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    The Brick as the absolute worst customer service I've ever encountered. Manager in the Belleville Brick actually hung up on me. They sold me a fridge on May of 2002 and told us at that time that the warranty was in addition to the manufacturers warranty so 5 years plus 1 year for a total of one year. Now I have this piece of junk $1,000.00 maytag fridge that won't work at all and no warranty because they said the warranty is only good for 5 years and not the 6 years that they told me it was good for. I called there in the morning and was promised a call back by 2 different sales people and never received any calls from anyone at the Brick. When I called back and got Kent, the mgr, I was told that they would do nothing and he hung up on me.

  • Mi
      11th of Dec, 2007
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    We bought a bed and mattress the first week of December 2007. I paid for the delivery which was occur on Dec 6 at which time they were too take away my old mattress and box spring. They arrived on December 6, but refused to take the mattress and box spring because I didn't have a plastic cover -the salesperson was supposed to provide it. So they left and told me to schedule another date for them to come and pick it up. I did and they were to return on Dec 8. They failed to show or phone. I called once again and they scheduled again for December 11. They failed to show or phone again. I've made numerous calls and can't get through. They take my name and number stating someone will call me back. They don't. I've purchased $8,000 at the Brick this year and they can't even hold up their end of the bargain by taking away a lousy mattress. Other purchases I've made at the Brick also resorted to poor delivery service and poor customer service. Stay away - there are much more professional places for you to spend their money.

  • Ma
      19th of Apr, 2008
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    I bought a couch from the Brick. My new puppy chewed a whole in one of the cushions. I was able to flip the cushion, which is fine for a while, but not in the long run. I first called to order a new one in September of 2007, and have been on the phone with them at least 15 times and been to the store twice. Each time I tell them I cant believe how awful their service is, and they apologise profusely and say it will never happen again, and that I will be called when the cushion arrives in the next week. Guess what; no calls; ever! I also tell them each time that I am afraid of the couch being discontinued and not being able to get it at all, only to be assured that they promise that wont happen. Well it is now April, almost 8 months after I first called, and guess what, the sofa is discontinued and in all likliehood I will never get my cushion.

    Absolutely the worst customer service I have ever recieved.

  • Ma
      17th of Sep, 2008
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    Well this is Martin again here. It has now been over one year since I ordered my sofa cushion. Guess what: I don't have it and I am not getting it. As I said above I was afraid of the product being discontinued or something similar, and now the manufacturer has gone out of business. Unbelievable! A whole year and this is what happens. Will post again when something else happens.

  • Ni
      18th of Sep, 2008
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    I agree with everyone when they say that the brick has the worst customer service ever!!

    I had bought a couch set from there and I bought it "AS IS" then they sold me the 5 year blanket warranty, and now a year later I need to use the warranty due to a hole in the cushion, but they dont cover any warranty on the AS IS product, ao basically I wasted $199.99 for the warranty so they say that its not covered under warranty.??? How does this buisness run?

  • Ri
      28th of Sep, 2008
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    OMG. I wish I would have read this board before I bought from the Brick. I bought a King Size bed from them within 2-weeks the mattress collapsed. Spoke to a sales guy and asked him about the bed that I bought and he said it was a one off. Then they agreed to replace and wanted me to sign off on the replacement before it was received I said no. New bed collapsed...We upgraded for another$800.00. Hoorible experience. Just bought a new front load washer dryer and we are now on the 3rd service call and the Brick says it is not their problem call for service again. I am now cutting up my Brick card and will never do business with this outfit again. Please take it from me they are the worst place to buy anything other than maybe a bag of popcorn.

  • Wa
      25th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    i heat the brick coz o the maneger in ottawa east (kin) he and his sals man know nothing about services i am setting in the floor cos of hes promiss for almoust 20 dayes and today i canceled my order any way if some one care my cell is (613)863-3797

  • St
      23rd of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    wish I had read this forum before giving the brick my business.purchased a t.v.three weeks ago in Ottawa; then found out after the sale that none were in the store and would have to be ordered from the warehouse.They checked the availability of it and then ordered one in. it was supposed to come last wednesday...waited all day at home..never showed up.called the main office and they said they forgot to put it on the truck and that it would be here this wednesday . guess what never show.ed up again.called the office in ottawa to find out where my t.v.was and they claimed they were back ordered and that they never did have it...told them them I wanted my money back and they said that would take another three heading down there this weekend to see them in person.I fully expect to have a criminal record after that.

  • Th
      2nd of Oct, 2009
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    We ordered washer/dryer pedestals and they kept moving the delivery date for more than a month. Fed up, we canceled the purchase and bought the pedestals from Sears, that night of cancellation they phoned us and said that they found our pedestals in their storage, they might just be lying there for a month... THE BRICK REGINA SUCKS!!!

  • Am
      26th of Nov, 2010
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    First brick i purchased from, i purchased a loveseat and chair. The chair is on back order for weeks. I have my sofa but not my matching chair. Finally they call me. My chair is in. Delivery is set up.
    I call the day before delivery to verify.
    LOW AND BEHOLD, the chair has been discontinued.
    So for starters. The loveseat i received was damaged when i got it. A month later, still broken. Also the legs dont fit into it.
    Now i cannot get the matching chair if i want it, i willhave to go to another store and purchase a floor model.
    so i go into the SCARBOROUGH clearence center, apparently they have my chair. I called ahead, they KNEW i was coming.
    I walkin, about 20 customers walking around. BUT no one that works there. OHH! thatsnbecause their all sitting on a couch at the back of the store. OH i can tell your working hard for your commision. !
    So i asked.. loudly. DOES ANYONE WORK HERE?
    and they all stood up. of course cuz i would like to purchase :)
    So one guy takes off to go looking for my chair. The rest scatterin the backroom. NOT to any customers. NO just a thought.. i work for sears... this is BADDDD customer service.
    So MANY customer are walking around, not being helped, many employees walk by myself, not saying anything/
    FINALLY some brains possibly?
    One guy comes over and says, were just looking for it, is there something else i can help you with?
    WOW yah. you coulda started my experience with that comment.
    So i said no, and just briefly informed him i was admiring their WONDERFUL customer service. Pointing to all the customers without any assistance.
    AND i almost fell to the floor when he informed me of why i was not being helped.
    "Well maybe its because you speak toooo goood of english, and your white that no one is helping you"
    this is the whole reason why no one would help me??
    wow.. pathetic..
    im advising everyone.


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