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Telus Mobility / overbilled

1 Ontario, Canada
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My 3 year contract was finished Telus Mobility in Ontario in June/08, I DID NOT have to renew with said company again, but because I was a customer of theirs since 1986, I thought that loyalty was a good thing in any business transaction, unfortunately with telus Mobility it, s NOT !
So my cell phone was worn out to the point that I couldn't read the screen anymore so I decided to sighn again on another 3 yr. contract. When I went into a Telus Store to renew my contract and get another cell phone, the associate asked if he could see if my contract as it was previousely written would still serve my needs. He checked a history of billing and said he could save my some money if he custom made another plan for my CURRENT needs, he went on to suggest a FAVE5 plan because I was using the same 4 0r 5 numbers all the time which was true, because they were family & close friends.
So he made other minor changes along with adding this "FAVE 5" feature that was going to save me the biggest dollars on my monthly bill, well unfortunately I was my first experience with this new plan, and I didn't remember the Telus associate stressing the impotance of adding in the numbers I called the most right away, and because I had not, I ended up paying full price for these numbers I failed to add in.My first bill after signing the new cantract and changes to the contract went from average of $150.00 to over $400.00, so I was shocked to read this so i made numerouse calls to Telus, no one was interested in hearing me, or helping me sort this out and said sorry, you were supposed to go to a website and add them in. I know I was partly to blame and I told them that ( a total of more than 6 calls) and who knows how many minutes going through the automated phone jungle of theires, but I also said I thought their associate had a part in it also, why didn't he offer to help me add them on that website emediately while I was at the Telus store, seems it would have been soo simple since I was the only customer in the store at the time.Ok so after many more calls to Telus and many more minutes or hours waiting again, I got the same answer, sorry it was up to you to add those numbers in yourself. Great, now my second bill comes in, it, s almost $700.00 now, i call some more, I get more voices blaming me instead of listening to ALL the facts, so now i drive to the Telus store and ask this time if the associate would help me add those 5 numbers in my FAVE 5 so my billing will go down, LIKE IT WAS SUPPOSED after his initial reluctance he ask's me for the 5 numbers and he said .. ok now, they are added in.
Finally, I think I have this thing resolved I get the 3rd. bills after sighning the new contract, now it's over $900.00, ok I call again, finally speakes to another phone rep. he says the best he can do, since he can only make adjustments on "ONE" monthes billing, he took $152.00 off. Um thanx, your too kind I said, now what about the other 2 monthes, no ajusting because he said I didn't report it right away, Humm, How many phone calls and waiting and trying to explain to these "SALES ORIENTED ONLY THINKING " phone answering associates does it take for them to actually LISTEN???
Now i, m sure you can read my frustration as I type, long story short, I tried telling them, when I went to tye Telus store to actually have the store associate add my 5 numbers, well he added them in the wrong box, he added them to a future numbers box, I waent back and asked for a copy, sure enough, he said he made a mistake, and for me to call Telus, he handed me a "customer " care..or non -care phone number., seems it was the same number i was calling all along in this going on 5 month fiasco. So, they still won't take any responsibility for their errors, and are adament that I take ALL the responsibility for the wrong that has been done, and now I tried to talk to them to make arrangements to work on paying down my bill, "or theires", because I don't have all the money to pay t off, so the last phone call to them, Mar. 31/09 they said if i can't make arrangements to pay it off in full over $(970.000), they are going to put me in collections, and I translate that to mean if i don't pay it all, they are going to ruin my credit report, now how is that going to help them?.
I guees they need to make examples of loyal customers of more than 23 years to show that no one messes with them !
I can't help but think, , , wouldn't it be easier to come to an arrangement or compramise (which is all I asked for through this whole nightmare), , , than to find and spend millions on advertising finding a "new" customer???

Very frustrated
Wayne Baillargeon

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