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Telus Mobility / defective htc pda, customer disrespect!

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I bought a htc pda from telus on june 24 2007. It worked with a few glitches here or there, turning off and on on its own, freezing etc. Then suddenly the phone just would not turn on at all. I went into a telus store only to be asked repeatedly if " i used my phone in the shower...". Apparently, i had exposed my phone to moisture and was s.o.l and would have to pay to replace it! I am telling you with all honesty i have never exposed that phone to moisture. I was in tears begging telus associates to believe that i had not exposed my phone to moisture. I am a 27 year old business owner and i was insulted by the treatment i got. The staff was rude and accusatory. I was being convinced to give my "broken" phone to telus and pay 125$ for a new one! (i just paid full price two months ago for a new one!!! )when i asked if i could receive a diagnostic of the problem or notified if it could be fixed i was told "no". Now, someone help me here: why would i hand off a phone i paid full price for and am sure i did not damage, only to never see it again or told what exactly the issue was? What if they discover a defect? What if i can be refunded for my troubles? It all seems very shady to me. I suspect i was sold a refurbished phone and in turn my phone would probably be resold once they fix whatever the problem is. In the meantime my hard earned money is being spent replacing a phone i didn't break in the first place. I am still seeking some advice i can trust and am phone less. If anyone has any advice on how to get this resolved that'd be great. I will keep you posted!

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  • Br
      4th of Dec, 2007
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    You should leave Telus. They are the worse company out there. If i was you i would buy an unlocked GSM phone from eBay and go with either Fido or Rogers. THat would be the best deal.

  • Sa
      13th of Feb, 2008
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    The HTC (touch, s720 or even p4000) sucks! However, I wouldn't swap the unit right away, call the client support and see if they can't work out a better deal for you.

    Try taking your phone to another repair centre for a second opinion. Unfortunately, the HTC phones aren't made very well. My boyfriend has the Touch with Bell and it keeps freezing. I had the s720 for a week and I returned it for a Blackberry and no problems since.

    Water damage can happen even if you're carrying the phone in the rain. Unfortunately, the more the features, the more sensitive these damn phones are.

  • Ca
      19th of Aug, 2008
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    I just went through the same thing with my blackberry pearl. The charger port was not charging and the unit was technically in warranty. According to telus if the unit is not EXACTLY as it was when originally packaged it is considered out of warranty. If I was to hand over my phone one dealer asked for a $90 payment up front and $800 in credit card imprints, the next dealer would not even look at my phone and refused to help me at all. 2 hours on the phone with customer service I found out some disturbing facts. The storefronts that you walk into thinking your dealing with Telus are all independent and do not have to comply with any Telus regulations on what they can charge for loaners or replacements. It's basically a free for all! I was bullied into buying a cheaper replacement because the only other option was paying full price $499 for the replacement of a phone I did not break and Telus would not even look at to see if repair was viable.

  • Mi
      21st of Nov, 2008
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    i have the htc p400. bought it originally nov11/2007. telus has now swapped it 3x for the exact reasons you have mentioned... so as far as water damage... thats of bunch of bs... because all 3 times they had that same problem and not once did any of mine have water damage. so now were at nov 21/2008, 10 days out of warranty (might i add the last time the phone was swapped was 3-1/2 months ag0) and the phone shuts on and off over and over again. will only load to the windows screen and then repeat itself until i remove the battery. i am soooo livid. and then to be told, well your phone is out of warranty! because they state your warranty from your original phone purchase date, not the replacement referb phones that they give you. telus themselves hasent been too bad. they have given me a 400.00 credit towards a new phone and 50% off my bill for the next 2 months. but as far as htc goes... NEVER AGAIN!

  • Na
      30th of Sep, 2010
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    Dear sir,
    i was used mobilink no 0300-3299730 2003 to 2010 july one day my sim can not Received signal then i call your help line and your customer officer say to me your no is expire without inform my is closed then i go to 23 Sep your franchises in darvics road Branch but he say to me this sim is not your name but my sim is my name and i have your from is show that my this no.
    i was call followings nos:-
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    plz open my sim
    Mrs Naveed Mushtaq
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