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Telus / billing

1 Alberta, Canada Review updated:

About 2 months ago I started receiving calls from a collection agency wanting a credit card number to clear up a Telus outstanding bill. I immediately thought this to be fraudulent and told them to suck an egg. After a couple more calls from them I called Telus to find out what was up. After talking to a machine for about 20 mins., I was able to get though to someone that was going to check into it and call me back. I never got a return call, so after about a week I called again. I talked to machine for 20 mins. again and finally got through to a person who informed me that it was about a line that I had used for dail-up internet purposes. I know longer needed the line so I had it disconnected (2years ago). The bill for this line was aways paid by a preauthorized credit card. I told her I didn't know what the charges where for and I wanted to see the bill. I was told that Telus couldn't send me a copy because it cost $1.80 / sheet. They have since send a statement stating I owed them $57.62 or my other phone service would be cut off, but I still don't know what the charges are for. I placed another call and got the same answer. Pay or get cut off. They don't really care that they are about to lose a 30+ year customer(including A.G.T.) with a home service, business service (phone and internet) and 4 Telus Mobility accounts.

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  • Ro
      6th of Mar, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I got a "local adjustment" placed on my bill which I called in about and the first time was told it would be fixed. Second month it was still there so called again. Was told it's cause I left telus (16months ago!) and THEY didn't remove the employee discount so they are now correcting that. Disputed that this was their fault and they didn't even notify me of this so why should I pay for their mistake. Probably the time on the call with the different escalations cost them more then the charge. Told them that I will be cancelling my service so hope it was worth the little extra charge to loose all my business. Was told multiple times "Sir, we have over 1 million customers, we don't care".

    Customer Service is #1, 933, 384 at telus

  • Ah
      21st of Nov, 2011
    0 Votes

    Why do I have to pay to have a paper bill? I think this is the ultimate in customer scam. I only have access to a computer when I go out to friends or to the library. Why should I have to pay for a bill? When I called to ask they said "because that is the Rule". I was given a choice to either wait 24-48 hours for a manager to call me back or be switched over to a Resolutions Mediator. I chose the manager and am now waiting. I cancelled my other account with them and switched to a different service company because another problem of their own making was not resolved within 6 months of calls and "resolution".
    I strongly feel that a company should not be able to charge a customer to find out how much the customer owes them each month. Is there any recourse for a customer to get rid of the charge and get reimbursed for past charges?

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