Telkom South Africap9 lite contract not honored

We signed a 24 month contract for a P9 Lite cellphone @ R199 / month at the Tygervalley branch on the 23rd of December 2016. We were informed that the handpiece could be collected the following week. Since then we have gone to the store on numerous occasions without any luck.
During the course of last week we were informed that they ran out of stock and that Telkom will not honor the contract any longer HOWEVER if we pay R249 / month - we can get the same phone and contract.

This is blatant breach of contract as well as a huge scam on Telkom's side to lure customers into signin a contract knowing that they WILL NOT deliver and hiking the price subsequently.

I spoke to the area manager who openly admitted that they are at fault for signing more contracts than they are able to deliver just to prevent customers from leaving the store without a signed contract.

How can you sign someone up if you cannot deliver. Telkom should honor this contract and if they cannot provide the same handpiece then they should upgrade.

Time to step up to the plate Telkom annd owe up to your crooked ways.

Any suggestions as to how I can further escalate this matter?

Jan 30, 2017

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