Telkom SA SOCvoice line/adsl problem - no resolution

Fault 93CNZ261216 for number [protected] logged on the 26th of December 2016. Fault was escalated on 28-12-2016 to try expedite repair. Escalation reference 934786 was given.

Thereafter, no feedback/follow up/movement occured on the fault (verified through online tracking and call centre). Phoned on the 04/01/2017 to follow up, spoke to Nandipha. Was told it is with the testing department and that there was no further movement on the fault, so she emailed escalations department to follow up and said i would receive feedback within 48 hours - all this 1 week after escalation

1 week later, still no feedback. Phoned 11/01/2017 and spoke to Athandiwe. She told me that the system indicated the fault had been handed to the technicians, and that is was scheduled to for a technician to be out to investigate the fault BY the 17th of January, at the latest. After that phone call, contacted the billing department to log a dispute on the account as I had not had a line since the 26th (neither voice nor ADSL) and therefore i was expecting to be credited for the downtime. Pamela assisted and logged the dispute.

Tuesday 17/01/2017 comes, so i phone to follow up on the technician and ensure they log a note that the technician can phone me when he is on the way to the premises as I live close to my place of business so I can go open for the technician. Was told the technician should be out that day still.

Wednesday 18/01/2017 - technician never phoned/pitched up, so called and spoke to Vusikhaya. He informed me it was still with the technicians, and so the technician could still come out that day.

Thursday 19/01/2017 - still no technician. Phoned and spoke to Portia. She informed me it had been handed to a technician named DA Ragan, and she attempted to phone to see where he was. No answer from him, so she contacted his assigner and reported that he had not pitched up. Was told to expect feedback from the supervisor/assigner.

Friday 20/01/2017 - still no technician and no feedback from anyone. Phone yet again, and speak to Mthlahla. He tells me my escalation has been parked, due to "high volume of work for the technicians". I told him it is not acceptable as a deadline was given to me of the 17th of Jan, and i expect them to unpark my escalation and resolve the problem ASAP as the deadline had now passed.
He contacted his team leader/supervisor, and i was told they would follow up and contact me with feedback. That evening, posted my predicament on Telkom's facebook page. What ensued was a string of endless excuses and "we are sorry for the inconvenienve. We have handed it to our team to investigate and will provide feedback shortly". Decided to give them this week to sort the issue out.

Today, 27/01/2017 (31 days since the fault was reported) - I contact Telkom once again to see what is going on. A helpful lady by the name of Anathi looks on the system - sees the fault is still parked, despite numerous promises by Telkom that the fault is being investigated. Anathi has since emailed the assigners, and CC'ed in her team leader, to see if they can assist in getting this fault resolved as tomorrow is a month since the escalation was logged.

Multiple requests for the contact number for the office of the CEO led to me being given a number ([protected]) that, when dialled, takes you right back to their call centres. This is disgusting service from Telkom, and no customer should ever have to be subjected to this service. And this is coming from someone who works in the IT insudtry!

Jan 27, 2017

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