Telkom SA SOC / Theft!!! Charged for a device I never received

South Africa

In November 2016 i telephonically applied for an upgrade to the Galaxy S7. I was declined due to vetting issues. This i accepted and carried on a month to month basis. In December i noticed that i was being charged for this declined device and alerted the call centre, Case #[protected]. To make it worse, the month to month was then cancelled without my knowledge and the line is not in use. I am so livid with the call centre agents and not to mention the so called managers (Trimaine and Andy) as they blatantly tell me that they can NOT assist me. Yes, i reversed the January debit but this was because i was charged AGAIN for this S7. Currently i have two devices that r not usable as 'service has been suspended'. WHY??? This problem was cause by Telkom and now i, the customer, must deal with the THEFT. You stole from me, took what did not belong to you, inconvienced my lifestyle;family and job. This has been the worst experience ever and i will not rest until i am fully satisfied!!!

Jan 24, 2017

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