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It is unacceptable that reconnection takes 14 working days. How do I go about to do this faster. I am self employed and will never choose the 1st of a month to have a debit order go through my account but they keep putting it through on the 1st and when I paid it in full this month on the 4th they charged a R105 fee for the debit order that did not go through which I did not know about and now they suspended the line for that R105. How can I get the line reconnected faster after paying the R105 without having to speak to people that can not do anything about it? I need assistance in this matter or I will cancel all contracts and take it over to another provider.

Apr 25, 2017
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  • Ja
      Jun 21, 2017

    I agree. My account is just suspended after a debit order has been taken from them 6 days ago. They state they can't see it on their system. How is it even possible ipf they take a debit order that they can't see it. Now because of their fault I'm stuck 14 days with no cellphone connection. I'm an HR manager at a company thatis situated on different sites. Now if someone needs me urgent there is no way to communicate. We mainly communicate through e-mail as it is more proffesional and there is proof of communication. But I will ensure that we will end all of our Mobile contracts with Telkom and get another accurate provider.

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