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Quite some time ago I took out a modem and sim contract with Telkom Mobile, that contract expired October 2016. Since then Telkom Mobile keeps debiting my account at random intervals.

I have gone in to the branch at least 3 times, each time I'm advised they can't cancel the contract since there's is nothing under my name. I have spoken to your billing department on various occasions, with absolutely no luck, simply confirmation that I don't have an existing account.

The initial contract was R 59 p/month, but my account has fraudulently been debit with the follow (including relevant debit references)
30.11.2016 - R102.81 - Telkommobi [protected]
30.12.2016 -R39-Telkommobi [protected]
31.03.2017 -R117-Telkommobi [protected]
31.05.2017 -R78-Telkommobi [protected]
15.08.2017-R117-Telkommobi 501023783o170815 - Disputed this with my bank, and it was just debited again later in the month on 25.08.2017 -R117-Telkommobi 501023783i170825
16.11.2017-R234-Telkommobi 501023783e171116

According to my records Telkom Mobile has fraudulently debited R687.81, and I have no way of stopping this. Can't cancel the account because it doesn't exist. Can't block from my bank, because they'll just use a different reference. And the amount seems to just increase sporadically. Telkom Mobile are nothing less than thieves! If this money doesn't get paid back, and/ or any further debit occurs, I will be opening a case of theft at SAPS.

Nov 28, 2017

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