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Absolutety discussed by incompetent service received from Telkom Mobile.
Signed up for the Feb 2017 deal of the month (5 gigs Data p/m day and 5 gigs night surfer p/m + wifi router for R149 p/m).
Received my router and all was well, until I received my first bill with an extra R500, called "Data spendage limit" which was an extra added to my contract, without my knowledge.
I then queried this and was told it can be reduced to zero but will only take effect the following month so I'd need to pay another R500 end of that following month! I expressed my anger and frustration to the Telkom consultant of not being informed by this upon signing up for this contract and also not receiving any notifications to warn me that I had depleted my first 5 gigs allocated to me monthly. I asked that Telkom please investigate and go back on my recorded conversation with the consultant who helped me to sign up over the phone, nothing ever came from this. Cases were opened from Telkom's side and just closed again! Utterly useless. I was told that no matter what, I'd need to pay it eaither way! I then failed to make my monthly payment because of this unexpected R1000 that was now due on my account so had no Internet for about 4 month's, eventually in August I managed to make the outstanding amount and asked for my account to be activated ASAP. My account was then activated in about 2 weeks and I then checked if it's back up and running again. "Connected, no Internet" This has been the error message I've received ever since those first 2 glorious months of having Internet access. I then contacted Telkom for the 100'th time! Consultant then informed me, after all the calls and queries of having this problem that I can not roam on MTN, it has to roam on Telkom. This is an issue I queried in the 1st month to connect properly where a Telkom consultant told me, I have to roam on MTN for the day date and I have to change the setting to roam on Telkom for night surfer, which is unfortunately a connection we can not get where we live so we've never been able to use the night surfer data. She informed me that I have to go into the nearest branch and check if the router or sim card has a problem. We live 180 kilometres from the nearest Telkom branch, so rushed through today on the 18th of August to Walmer Park's Telkom branch in Port Elizabeth just to be told there is no problem with the sim router and I do indeed need to roam from MTN to access my monthly 5 gigs that's allocated to me! What a waste of time and money. Got home and guess what, same problem! Phoned 1 last time and Telkom consultant informed me that I have no data allocated to me so I am not able to roam on MTN, I have to up my data spendage limit. In order to use my Telkom 5 gigs I need to roam on Telkom, what?!!! Why take a 100 calls and 6 months to explain this to a very unhappy client who's had endless problems ever since signing up! I'm so upset and feel I have been misinformed from the word go. Telkom has failed me in so many ways and I can not keep quiet about this, I will warm everyone I know of my experience as I don't wish this stress and dissapointment to anyone.

Aug 18, 2017
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      Feb 18, 2018

    We are staying on a farm near Bulge River, Limpopo. Since Thursday 15 February 2018, we do not have Telkom Mobile Signal. It states "No Internet Coverage, Emergency Calls only, No Signal, etc. How can you run a business if there are no signal

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