Telkom SA SOCtelkom line inactivity

The line had a fault about August now. About six month ago. Although there were multiple complaints to the company and even more reference numbers, the line was never restored. The last i talked to a consultant from Cape Town- they advised me that the line could not be restored because of my location. According to South African Law, all people of all races, of all localities should be services in South Africa. It came as a surprise to me that Telkom, a company that i have used for many years for the telephone line and ADSL could not restore my line.

I am extremely disappointed with the service i have received from Telkom. seemingly Telkom is very selective about the areas they service even if i am a long standing client. I work from home and desperately need my service line.
The line number is [protected]
Area- AA 11 61 Umlazi, 4066
Telephone line registered to Zama Brenda Mtshali

Your Speedy response and urgent resolution will be greatly appreciated.
Z.B Mtshali
[protected]/ [protected]

Jan 21, 2017

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