Telkom SA SOC / smart broadband uncapped wireless order

Centurion, South Africa
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On the 01-04 i went on the Telkom website because I needed an uncapped LTE connection plan that my family and I could use. While on the website I searched for my address to see which offers I could qualify for. It was confirmed that my area was covered for LTE and the Smart broadband Uncapped Wireless deal was displayed on the same page.
Below the offer there was a "order now" tab, i followed the process and completed my order online. I received an SMS stating that somebody would contact me within 48 hours and two days later i got an SMS confirming that the application had been approved during the pre-vetting stages. On the 25-04 i followed up on the order only to be told that I do not qualify as I am not near a Telkom tower, this was not stated online. I was also told that i did not bid for the deal which is nonsense as there was no mention of a bid online. On the website i was told that the person who was to contact me would just confirm that i want to proceed with the order and then have it delivered and installed in 5 working days. I have not received anything, please get back to me as i am not happy about this!!!
As you can see from the attached screenshots my area does have LTE and the website would not allow me to order the product if an areal search proved otherwise. I would like the deal to be honoured as i did everything right

Telkom SA SOC

Apr 29, 2017

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