Telkom SA SOCservice cancellation - dsl subscription line

9th March 2017
I sent an email to [protected] with the requested document to cancel my DSL service. No response. Only a auto-response.

20th March 2017
Sent a follow up email. No response. Only a auto-response.

10th April 2017
Sent another follow up email on my request to cancel my service. No response.

20th April 2017
Spoke to a service representative on 10210 and sent another email to escalate the request to [protected]

8th May 2017
Received an invoice - still been charged for the DSL service that I requested to be cancelled in March 2017.

8th May 2017
Sent another follow up email to [protected] and [protected] to find out what is going on and why I am still been charged and nothing been cancelled. NO RESPONSE.

9th May 2017
Called 10210 this time spoke to [protected] and forwarded the original request from 9th March to be told it is to be escalated. NO RESPONSE THAT THIS HAS BEEN DONE.

Unbelievable lack of customer service from Telkom. I want my charges to reversed for DSL as of 1 April 2017 and to have a new statement issued and correspondence to the effect that they have a) received my request and b) have done what they have been requested to do.

Never again will I recommend Telkom to anyone ever again. Sort out your customer service enquiries division.

May 09, 2017

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