Telkom SA SOC / not receiving my emails for more than a month

Pretoria, South Africa
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Late Nov 2016, I realised I hadn't received emails lately. I sent a test email from my gmail account to my telkomsa account (having been without my laptop at that stage, I used as I usually do in such situations). I wasn't able to receive my test email, but was able to send emails from Webmail - both from a different laptop, as well as my cellphone.
I reported this fault on 2016-12-09 (ref no [protected]), and was told I would be phoned back when the call center operator couldn't understand this hugely complex problem...

Nothing happened.

So I tried again on 2016-12-19, spoke to Bianca (ref no not requested as I actually believed her!) who promised with all her heart they would definitely attend to the problem immediately, AND phone me back .

Nothing happened.

I decided to leave it to the next year and hope for an improvement in service levels (fool...). On 2017-01-05 I spoke to Nkululeko who told me that my previous complaints had been logged but not queued. But HE would do it right, AND escalate it, and someone WILL phone me back.

Nothing happened.

Spoke to Denny on 2017-01-10, and Joy (ref no [protected])...

The usual.

I've since notified all my contacts, banks, business associates and the likes of my new email address, as there is no way I will continue to use the (non) service of Telkom. I never wanted a gmail address as a business e-mail-address as it seems less than professional, but not responding to e-post is professionally unforgivable and a risk I will no longer take.

As there are important mails ?hopefully still floating somewhere in cyberspace, I will give it one more attempt to collect them before I close my account with you - just been on the phone with Sibongile (ref [protected]) who sounds very competent, but I've been fooled before.

Thank you for considering my situation


Michelle Pietersen

Jan 16, 2017

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