Telkom SA SOCno service - internet and telephone line

N Nov 15, 2017

First fault was logged on 10 October 2017 under ref 438CTK191017 for no Internet and Telephone line very noisy. I can not use my line because you cannot hear the person phoning or being phoned. On 19 October 2017 the technician closed the fault as being resolved, which it was not and I phoned 10210 again and they re-opened the fault. On 21 October 2017 the fault was closed again without being resolved and I phoned again complaining that it still has not been resolved. On 23 October 2017 I received another SMS stating that the fault was again resolved, which it was not, and I phoned again complaining and it was re-opened again under fault ref 591CTK231017. On 28 October 2017 two technicians came to my residential address and notified me that the fault is not at my home, but that the underground cables are rotten and needs to be replaced and that it will be sent through to the cable division in Pretoria-North. A week later, 6 November 2017, I phoned 10210 again and I was advised that the cable division has released the new cables and it will be replaced, which was never done. On 14 November 2017 the fault was closed again, and upon checking, my phone line is still dead and my internet still not working and I phoned them again on 15 November 2017 complaining that it is still not working. The call center operator notified me that according to their system it was never sent through to the cable division and that the cables were not replaced. Still I have to pay for services I do not receive and I cannot get wireless internet in my area because we are not covered. I need my Internet and Telephone line fixed. I am paying for uncapped 4mb line, which I have not received in more than a month and nobody is willing to fix this.

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