Telkom SA SOClte uncapped 799p/m

Good day, i have placed my order on the 3rd of january, i have dealt with bavesh pillay and jessica nair. My order according to the system is sent for delivery, this has been the message for over 2 weeks now. When i contact jessica she says that you have tried to deliver 3 times and failed to deliver the product. Firstly my business is open 24/7 so if and that is a big if the product was delivered i would have received it, secondly if they failed to deliver why, lastly my store is a total garage the only one in my street, the address given is the following: cnr of finch & nightingale streets, total fuel station, atlasville boksburg. I have now sent mails to jessica since last week and no response as yet. I would like to know if you telkom mobile are going to be able to commit to this sale or not as my home lte took 7 days litteraly including sim activation this has been going on over a month. I want proper feedback and not lies to cover ###.

Feb 06, 2017

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