Telkom SA SOC / fault on telkom line

Durban, ZA

We are a retirement village and our Telkom line [protected]

We submitted a fault report on the morning of the 28th November regarding our telephone line not working. Was contacted later that morning to be advised that the line was not faulty as we needed to check our equipment. After getting our contractor Plessie out it was found that there was nothing wrong with our equipment which I then phone Telkom faults to advise that same morning . Following up that same day afternoon I was told that the fault was deferred to the next day and basically it seems, after various calls, nothing could be done about that.

It is now ONE WEEK and we are still without a phone line - we are a retirement village Doone Village Telkom number Durban Kwazulu Natal [protected] and pay for this special ISDN PRI line?

Dec 04, 2016

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