Telkom SA SOCextremely unpleasant experience at telkom mobile shop

Today the 24 of January we entered the Cavendish Telkom Mobile shop on the parking level. Our first encounter with the guy that sat behind the desk came across as he did not wanted to help us. Had no interest in what we wished for and did not ask any question to determine how to help us best. Once we established the product we wanted the first think he said is what we needed because of FICA. What we were lacking at that stage were 3 months of bankstatements, what Cole didn't mention was that he needed proof of three month of salary payments on these copies. So our first trip to the bank was a waist of time and could be prevented if Cole had informed us better.
When we came back we were prompted to fill in several forms without any explanation. Cole set infant of his computer starring on the screen showing absolutely no interest in us as a potential new client. When done with the paperwork he told us we needed an affedated proof of address me being present with my ID and proof of address for the person how intended to start the contract with telkom wasn't enough. which strikes me as odd as an hour before all this we arranged everything this way with the bank.

As I confronted him with his unprofessional behaviour he kept talking to my friend ignoring me basically sending my friend away for the third time.

Jan 24, 2017

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