Telkom SA SOC / contact problems.

South Africa

Good Day.
I have joined Telkom mobile last year, when I took out a Hauwei P8 lite phone. They deducted money from my account to verify my bank details and then I had to phones several times for them to deliver the device. When I received the device, I saw that the wrist band which was also in the deal was not in the package which was delivered.
After that, I saw that they now also charged me more for this contract that I was originally supposed to pay.
This year in January I took out 2 Hauwei P9 lite phones at the Telkom branch in Alberton. I told them that I don't want an open line, since these phones would be for my, but would be presents. The guy who helped me that the phones will unfortunately it cannot be limited and would be open for January and February, but as soos as it reaches R500 it would cut off the usage and would not charge more. I then asked him several times if this would not charge me more than the R500 and that the data limit would kick in automatically at the end of February, and he promised me that it would.
I have been charged more than the R500 extra on my account and the data limit never kicked in as promised to my by the person at Alberton Telkom. I then asked for a case to be registered for this problem Case no. [protected], but was told that it was my responsibility to take control of my spend limited, after I was promised that for the first 2 months my Bill will not go higher then R500 and that the open line would be cut after on the first of March without me having to phone in.
Please investigate this. Listen to the first contact's voice recording as well.
Hope to hear from you soon.
L.G. Baartman

Jun 19, 2017

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