Telkom SA SOC / cancellation of service, billing enquiry lack of service / transfer to the holding pool

Port Elizabeth, South Africa


I have been struggling with this since the 2nd of november 2016. Please find attached the original request to not cancel my telephone line but to release it to the holding pool. I did request the cancelation of my dsl fast and the soft cap as you will see on the attached. All the times I have called to try and resolve this matter is also noted on this.

My service was completely cancelled within 24 hours on the 1st of december reference number: r130485415a yet I still got a bill for december and now again for january. I have been struggling to get my landline re - instated and the data portion moved to the holding pool so that I can get internet back into my home from a service provider that actually knows the meaning of the word.

Every time you call you get told something differently. Although they promises to escalate your enquiry nothing ever happens nobody phones you back as promised and nobody wants to give you a reference.

On the 17th of december is finally insisted on speaking to a supervisor that informed me it will take 30 days to reconnect a service that it took them less than 24 hours to disconnect his name was wishalen he could not give me a contact number or a direct e-mail address or even a reference number. It has now been 30 days later and yet low and behold the account has reached me but yet to date no call, no notification and no service.

Please can somebody contact me and to let have an e-mail address of a person that actually do work there or a manager or a supervisor needs to phone me urgently before I go to my nearest telkom store and tell all the potential customers how much telkom sucks at being a service provider.

Jan 16, 2017

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