Telkom SA SOCcancellation of extra line - unethical behaviour, lack of service, billing continues

Telkom received my cancelation form on 09/06/2016 for an extra line on my account (sent to [protected] via Claremont Telkom office at 15:40. Up to date 23/01/2017 Telkom is still billing me for the line and extras, including interest. Received a dispute number [protected] from Lerato in July/ August- nothing happened. Contacted Telkom numerous times between Sept to no avail. Telkom disconnected account in November due to "outstanding payment"...had to pay disputed amount, re-mailed all the necessary docs again in November 23 at 12:01 to Gcobusa Mafeke (customer service) email [protected] response/ reply other than she will handle it (as per telcom in December).. January receive another bill with the extra line and extras still on the invoice...
Client acc number [protected] requests
a) a refund for invoices on tel # [protected] (+DSL fast and Soft cap)
b) cancellation of service on tel# [protected]

Jan 22, 2017

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