Telkom SA SOCcancellation of adsl - no feedback/resolution

Customer: [protected] TIN: 2950817 (Shawn-Douglas Henderson)

Applied for ADSL line @ Telkom in November. The line was installed in December. Only had 1 week's internet and then it crashed. Needless to say how many calls was made and personal visits to Telkom.

A new ADSL router was delivered but to no avail. Still no internet. Finally a technician, after more fruitless hours spent on the phone and visits to the branch, informed that the old cables were corroded and very old and needs replacement. Apparently a call was logged but till today nobody ever came out.

We finally decided to cancel the contract due to very bad service and we still needed to pay. In other words we payed the deposit of R 750. A payment was made for December and January and still no service were received.

A form was filled in and mailed through and thereafter we took both routers back to Telkom Key Wes whereby the details were filled on the said forms. I cannot begin to say how frustrated we are with going up and down, back and forth, spending how much money on airtime by calling Telkom and finally by visiting Telkom itself.

We are told a different story every time but all comes down to one thing that reversals were done but no refund was made to us. All the while the bill is still running on a monthly basis and we keep on following up with the promise that this matter will be escalated to a Senior person to attend to.

When will this matter be resolved. We didnt want to cancel the service but was forced to. Who in their right mind would want to pay for a service they are not getting at all. It is unacceptable. And Telkom doesnt have a care in the world because they know that they are the only service provider in S.A as far as lines etc are concerned.

May 03, 2017

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