Telkom SA SOCbad service and closing of unresolved faults

Reason for the fault - intermittent internet connection and extremely slow internet speed.

1st fault reported 5 jan 2017 - ref: 19crk050117; fault closed with out resolution on the same day.
2nd fault reported 6 jan 2017 - ref: 680crk060117; fault closed with out any resolution on 9 jan 2017;
3rd fault reported 9 jan - ref: 1450crk090117; open serve tech fiddled with line, changed exchange port, and closed fault with no testing or even consulting if the problem was solved after they have worked on the line on 18 jan. Tech makes appointments and do not keep them or just comes and goes as he pleases. Tech is also extremely rude especially after the 2nd time he had to come back.

Please note that my line speed I am paying for is 10mbps

Telkom SA SOC
Telkom SA SOC
Telkom SA SOC

Jan 18, 2017

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