Telkom SA SOCadsl line

Four days ago my adsl line was connected and the agent Johannes Makhanya who came to instal it told me it was active when he left. The 4mbp line was not active as whe. I tried connecting the connection was poor
I called the technical department at telkom and dealt with Brendon who told me the speed of my line was 300kb/s which means that I need to call the sales department to get my line active. I called them the next day (25 April) and i was told to call back on the 26th as lines are activated within 48hrs and they cannot help me. Today, 28 April i called the sales department at 8am and dealt with Nthasi Thabana and the call lasted 28minutes in which she first pulled the wrong information and called me Jennifer and told me i had a soft cap line, i gave her my Id number again and she pulled and only then verified my credentials. She told me that my order was stuck and she has to send it to IT department and she does not know how long it will take for them to activate my line. I asked for her supervisor and she told me the supervisor is not available and she does not know when they will be available. I asked for a reference number and she told me that they as a department do not have reference number which does not make any sense as I will not be able to follow up correctly on the progress of what she said she would do! This is highly frustrating as Im the one who will still be liable to pay for a full month when Telkom has not delivered an active line and that will not be considered! I need this fixed urgently!

Apr 28, 2017

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