Telkom SA SOCadsl direct marketing

P Mar 07, 2017


My number is [protected] and I do have 2MG adsl fixed line. I pay +-R600 by EFT monthly

Every month I get a Unknown no number call from a call centre. They are from [protected] and are very persistent.
They offer a better deal - free upgrade - free router and want me to sign a debit order. They say they are your Agents.
I am Telkom's client. Why is Telkom not offering me the special deal directly.
Why do I need to give personal info over the phone to a service provider I do not know? Why is Telkom even giving them my contact details?

I feel I must take this further. Consumer protection does not seem to matter to Telkom.

Please advise me why this is happening??

Kind Regards
Paula Fonseca

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