Telkom SA SOC / adsl and landline off

Cape Town, ZA

Both my telephone line and WiFi line is off since 2017-03-31. Telkom was contacted (10210) on the same day at approximately 18:00 and my husband, Lesley Bergstedt was informed that the technician will contact us the next day and reference number 157BWK310317 was allocated.

We waited but nobody made contact so I decided to make a call myself on 2017-04-01 at about 14:00. I was told that there is no need for a technician as the problem can be resolved telephonically, also there is no problem that they're detecting that side. The lady then said that I must connect the router and laptop with the yellow cable. I was furious as my battery was also about to die and I couldn't charge it whilst talking. I requested to speak to the manager whom also suggested I connect the above-mentioned. I then told him I'll search for this yellow cable and contact them again.

After 10 minutes I got hold of the cable and spoke to "Lozolo" or "Zolozo" and he said that he can definitely see there's a problem and the"ll first try to fix it on their side. He assured me he'll keep me updated of the progress.

Lesley contacted again at about 16:20 and the lady informed him that she logged it as urgent. Lesley requested to speak to the manager but she told him the manager already left. I'm wondering how can they operate without a manager?

The service is pathetic with service center operators and the manager all have different stories on the same matter. No one is able to help, are the purpose of them just to operate as switch operators/ messengers? Or are they just not properly trained?

Will we get our money back for the days that we have no benefit of the land line and WiFi. What about all the long calls made and airtime?

Taryn Bergstedt

Apr 01, 2017

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