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Yet again another R1500 bill from Telkom, best of all is its totally legal and everyone just thinks its normal.

My issue is not just about my specific contract or provider but with ISP's in general in SA. Yes Telkom is waaaaay to excessive with their billing, but this is also about ISP's using the same arguements they've used for at least the last decade and just getting away with it because we (the consumer) accept it as normal, everyone is charging excessively for this kind of internet.

It's absolutely bewildering how much we South Africans pay for good internet. Its 2017, the "yeah but you need massive infrastructure to get internet to SA"" or ""it’s a third world country"" or ""it’s our economy "" are just not relevant arguments anymore. It also doesn’t justify the R1500 bill I just got from Telkom.

I only realized how exploitive SA's major ISP's were when I started living outside of SA.

Let’s take a look at other countries and what they are paying

I currently reside in the Netherlands, I pay 35euros which is around R500 for internet that will make Telkom's best lines look like it's Dial-up (figures : Ping:9ms | Download 102.45Mbps | Upload 51.Mbps ). Not just that, I get Cable TV included in that package (similar to DSTV) . If you ask any service provider or human being here what CAP is, they don't have the faintest idea what you are talking about.

Yeah ok counter-argument "that’s a 1st world country | they have a strong economy | that’s Europe | it's a tiny country | internet infrastructure is super cheap there, etc. etc. etc." Fair enough, so let’s look at a country like the Russian Federation for example.

Since the country spans two thirds of the earth and crosses 10 time zones, it’s safe to say they are paying a pretty penny more for telecommunication infrastructure. It’s a third world country, a lot of people live in absolute poverty . So, what do they pay for internet. Well I asked a friend living there, and they said ""around 500ruble"" which is around R120. I couldn’t believe it so I asked them to do a Speed test to see if it’s actually good, with an iPhone on WIFI they get 4ms ping | 51Mbps down | 50Mbps up, and this person was actually complaining that their internet is crap . To which I though, ""yeah you haven't tried connecting with one of those awkward 8ta dongles on prepaid my friend, that’s the end of any sound person’s temper"" If you ask your average Russian what CAP is, they will probably tell you that it’s the irritating, irrelavant part of their favorite Polish vodka bottle. (sidenote: not all russians wear shapkas, drink vodka and ride polar bears)

So why do we take it, why is there no mass protests? This is the information age, not having cheap, accessible internet means you loose, end of story. The internet is our source of knowledge, our social medium, our meeting place, our business, our connection with the outside world. Why do these ISP’s take this away from the average South African who cannot affort to even get a 1GB data bundle? Why do we still have CAP even, thats the biggest load of cowdung ever invented?

Jun 15, 2017

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