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Centurion, ZA

Good Day,

I have almost had it with Telkom. I placed an order online on the 17th of November 2016 for a Samsung A5 Gold. On the 18th, I then called to find out the status of the order, I was then told that my order is not processed until someone calls. The lady gladly assisted me to place the order. I have been calling to follow up, asking to when I will get the phone and nobody has the right information. A very efficient telkom agent assisted me yesterday and said I will get the delivery by Monday and I informed him I cannot wait until then. I know really need the phone today so I called once again and holding for a very long time, I then got assisted by a lady who told me to call [protected] and my phone will be delivered today. I called the number, gave them my tracking number and the one guy told me the address they have been given is wrong and they will fix it and deliver Monday, the second guy called and told me that the driver left the parcel behind and he doesn't know why so I will get it on Monday. I REFUSE to wait a minute longer and expect that phone delivered TODAY!!! I have almost had it with telkom and your sloppy customer service and regret changing networks!!! Its either I get that phone today by close of business or I go to the shop and get it myself! My tracking number is [protected]. Thank you for your assistance!

Dec 01, 2016

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