Telkomrude, offensive, uncouth telkom representative mandisa bandia

Dear Sir/Madam,

I received a call from Telkom (East London branch) today from a Telkom representative named Mandisa Bandia. I am in regular contact with numerous service providers on a daily basis and I daresay that she must certainly be at the top of the pile epitomizing what NOT to do when addressing a customer or any other person for that matter. She intimated that I was trying to exploit Telkom by insisting on a credit, when I requested that she query why my internet line which is supposed to be 4meg (which I am being billed for), only ran at +- 2meg for the past few months. I do not know exactly how long the line has been slow, but upon contacting the technical division last week, I managed to speak to a well-informed, respectful and totally pleasant lady called Lauren, from the Port Elizabeth branch. Lauren informed me that the line profile had not been changed and she promptly proceeded to correct the fault from Telkom's side. The line speed has been perfect since last week, after being assisted by Lauren. What a disgusting contrast speaking to Mandisa Bandia!! I would implore Telkom to be more selective in appointing frontline representatives. Mandisa Bandia needs URGENT assistance in her inter-personal relationship skills and should most definitely NOT be allowed to interact with any self-respecting individual. She most certainly brought out the worst in me, due to her troglodyte approach to problem solving. PLEASE DO NOT allow this person EVER call me for aything other than a possible eloqution/courtesy lesson.
I implore you to look into this matter, which I will be discussing on as many media platforms as possible.
Thank you in anticipation,
Dr M R Essop

Feb 02, 2017

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