Telkom / incorrect service loaded to contract

Good Day,

I have upgraded my Telkom contract on the 26th January to the Smart plan 100 which should result in charge of R139.00 p.m. I called the customer care centre a few days later to request a limited loaded on the account which would ensure I do not over spend on the monthly charge. which was confirmed by the agents I dealt with.
however on the 1st of March I was charged with the upgraded amount as well as an add on internet bundle fee which I have never agreed to.
I than queried the customer care centre and explained the issue of they advise it will escalated up until today my issue has been resolved. even though I have escalated on numerous occasions.
On the 24th March my bank account was charged with an amount of R885.39 which includes the add on internet bundle which is incorrect.

I have dealt with Meshan Naidoo & Sibusiso Sambo who have indicated that this issue will be corrected and resolved. however the Telkom account was credited for the 2 previous month add on internet bundle on the April invoice, but still including the internet bundle for the current month.

further more I have been trying to escalate to the next level as I am not getting any joy from the agents above and have been unsuccessful.
below is the emails sent to Meshan Naidoo. I have also attached the emails and reference numbers for the calls logged.
Latest call logged this morning reference number:[protected] Spoke to Xoliswa

Kindly note I am still awaiting a call from yourselves to resolve this matter.
This has been on-going since early March due to incorrect charges billed in Feb.

To date my account has been debit with R885.39 on the 24th March and have made a payment on 04/03/2016 of R198.16
However the attached bill received reflects that I have an outstanding amount.

I have attached all emails received regarding this query, which is still unresolved.

3 things which would need to be done.
1) Remove the add on charge as it was never agreed to. Please pull the call that was made to upgrade my account
2) Reconcile my account which should reflect the correct amount to be charged and than deduct from the actual payments received.
3) Refund my bank account with the difference in what is due to Telkom which is only the costs for the Smart plan 100 .

Apr 11, 2016

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