Telkom / 8 ta

Centurion, ZA
Contact information:

My contact number with you is [protected].I engage in this contract with Telkoms 8 ta since July 2012. 8 ta supplied me with a modem that did not work.They assured me that the is a signal to my house, 78 Hermanus street, Wierda Park, Centurion.Two of your technicians assured me that there is no signal to my house.That leads to several confrontations with Telkom, wich end up at the smaal claims court.That can be proofed by the following e-mail address to wan of your lawers, [protected] agreed to stop the courtcase.My account is payed up.The agreement that my account must be payed up, and that they will stop the deductions from my account.They stop the deduction in July 2013.But the next month, August 23013, they start deducting the amount of R299 per month again.I has many complaints, e-mails, letters but Telkom ignores me.My contract has expired July 2014, but despite my cancellation forms(3), they still refuse to cansel my contract.All I whant is my contract to be cancelled.

Nov 10, 2016

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