Teleflora.comkeep charging my cc

On February 11, 2015 I placed 4 orders for flowers to be sent to different addresses. The order number was #[protected]. The grand total for the order was $212.64. Which they charged me for and the payment cleared my bank. Then for some reason they cannot explain they also charged me for each individual order. I called telefora customer service who after 45 minutes said they did not charge me. I spent the better part of 4 hours talking to different people from teleflora to find out why they kept charging my card. No one could tell me anything except I would need to go to my bank and dispute the charges. I then called my bank who also tried to explain to the company that they had overcharged me to no avail. My banker was on the phone for over an hour trying to explain that yes indeed they had charged my card 3 separate times once for $212.64 another for $51.96 and yet another for $57.96. As my banker was on the phone with them I was on the phone with the Supervisor, Elizabeth, who was trying to find out why they overcharged me. I asked about one of the orders that did not get delivered and she put me on hold. Then she came back and said she had charged my card again for that order in the amount of $59.76 because it was declined. I could not believe it. I asked her why would she do that when I had just been on hold for 30 minutes while she tried to find out why they kept charging me. She said that I hadn't paid for that order. Unbelievable I said. I just told you that I had been overcharged for these orders and you do the same thing. What do you not understand? She said mam we only charged you $212.64 and I said exactly you already charged me for all of the orders combined and now you are charging me again for each order. I am sitting at my bank at this time and the banker said yes she just charged you again. Elizabeth would not listen to me at all. I tried to explain it as simple as possible but she just kept on telling me that I was wrong and the $212.64 did not have anything to do with my order. Even though my banker was telling them yes they had charged me 3 times. She said she wasn't trying to call em a liar but that she wasn't showing that they had charged me. I told Elizabeth at this time that I wanted to speak with her Supervisor and she once again put me on hold forever and never came back. So now I have paid $212.64, $51.96, $57.96 and $59.76 for 4 orders of flowers. That is a total of $382.32. And all any of the people I talked to can say is I am wrong I am not being overcharged. This is completely unacceptable and unbelievable.

Feb 12, 2015

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